Johnson/Evinrude Outboard Engine Service and Repair Manuals by Seloc marine
Seloc Seloc Marine outboard engine repair manuals
  • Johnson/Evinrude Outboard Engine Service and Repair Manuals by Seloc marine

Johnson/Evinrude Outboard Engine Repair Manuals

Seloc Marine offers 8 different manuals to cover service and repair of all Johnson/Evinrude outboard engines made from 1956 to 2006. There are many different Johnson/Evinrude outboard motors out there, ranging from 1.5 horsepower 2 strokes to 300 hp four stroke V8 engines.

Seloc marine engine manuals feature easy to understand step-by-step illustrated procedures. Projects such as complete dismantling, repair, and assembly of a Johnson/Evinrude outboard engine should not be done without this guide. Each numbered step procedure is accompanied by a photograph or illustration, making instructions easy to follow.

Topics and chapters are intelligently divided into complete areas such as electrical, ignition, fuel, etc, making it easier to find the proper procedure for a given repair.

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The following chart will help to determine which Seloc repair manual is correct for your application:
Manual Number  Engine  Year  Types of Engines 
1301  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1958-1972  Covers all 1.5 - 125HP, 1-3 cylinder and V4, 2-stroke models. 
1302  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1971-1989  Covers all 1.25-60 Hp, 1 and 2-cylinder, 2-stroke models. 
1306  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1958-1972  Covers all 50-125 Hp, 3-cylinder and V4, 2-stroke models. 
1308  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1973-1991  Covers all 60-235 Hp, 3-cylinder, V4 and V6, 2-stroke models. 
1311  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1992-2001  Covers all 65-300 Hp, V4, V6, and V8 engines. Includes Jet Drives.  
1312  Johnson & Evinrude Outboard  1992-2001  Covers all inline engines, 1.25 - 70 Hp, 1-4 cylinder, 2-stroke & 4-stroke. Includes fuel injection and Jet Drives. 
1313  Evinrude  2002-2006  Covers all engines 
1314  Johnson  2002-2006  Covers all engines 
BRAND: Seloc
Type: Engine Repair
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this was a waste of money


This book lacks lots of illistrations and techniques.I am actually looking for an online chat site for tips after purchasing a [$] dollar book.I would not purchase this product.It is thick because it covers so many different engines but its mostly repetative with useless info.I have never had problems with Hanes auto manuels.




Not a good repair manual


I'm good at using the Haynes manuals for cars. I've bought one for every car I've owned. This book wasn't written for a beginner. It lacks clear pictures and descriptions. The first problem I noticed was that it repeated how important it was to make sure you tighten the spark plugs to their proper torque, yet it doesn't list the torque anywhere in the book! Are you serious? Where else do you go but the repair manual for this information? It also covers many different models from many different years so I find myself constantly searching for the correct information and illustrations relevant to my engine. I will make do with the manual but if I had to do it over I would buy a different one.

Boating Chris

Portland, OR


Great Tune-Up Guide


Great illustrated guide for DIY repairs and insight to the many parts that can go wrong!


N. Ft. Myers, Florida


Johnson/Evinrude Outboard Engine Repair Manuals



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