Ancor Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink AWG Butt Connectors
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  • Ancor Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink AWG Butt Connectors

Ancor Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink AWG Butt Connectors

These Ancor Heat Shrink Butt Connectors offer heat activated adhesive built into the sleeve of the heat shrink tubing. Adhesive heat shrink is the superior way to make a moisture resistant electrical splice that resists corrosion in marine and outdoor environments.

Connectors are color coded according to applicable wire size: AWG 22-18 Red; AWG 16-14 Blue; AWG 12-10 Yellow

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Item Number  Wire Size Range AWG  Color 
ANC-309003  22-18  Red 
ANC-309025  22-18  Red 
ANC-309099  22-18  Red 
ANC-309103  16-14  Blue 
ANC-309125  16-14  Blue 
ANC-309199  16-14  Blue 
ANC-309102  16-14  Blue 
ANC-309203  12-10  Yellow 
ANC-309225  12-10  Yellow 
ANC-309299  12-10  Yellow 
ANC-300000  22-10 Assortment  Red, Blue, Yellow 



  • Shrinks to form a water tight seal and the ultimate vibration and strain relief
  • Tinned for corrosion resistance
  • Pure copper for maximum current flow
  • Brazed seam for maximum strength
  • UL listed and CSA recognized


BRAND: Ancor
Gauge: 22-18, 16-14, 12-10 AWG
Terminal Style: Butt
Type: Terminals and Connectors
3.3 3

fail if exposed to salt water


These fail if they are expose to saltwater. The tiny pip of air enclosed between the two ends crimped into them draws moisture in when they are thermally cycled by alternating cold bilge water and engine heat, causing electrolysis inside of the joint. A more impervious joint is made with a sealant like liquid electrical tape or silicone within a standard butt joint.


Sitka, AK


Best connectors on the market


Great product



Only way to go


I use these for all electrical connections. Heat shrink is the only way to go in the marine environment. Blocks out moisture and prevents corrosion.

Bristol Boatbuilder

Bristol RI


Ancor Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink AWG Butt Connectors



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