System Three WR-155 Epoxy Primer
System Three System Three
  • System Three WR-155 Epoxy Primer

System Three WR-155 Epoxy Primer

System Three WR-155 is a high-build waterborne two-part epoxy primer specifically formulated as a sandable base for System Three topcoats. WR-155 contains corrosion inhibitors and is opaque and lead-free. WR155 is non-flammable and contains no hazardous air pollutant solvents (HAPS) or heavy metals. It is low VOC and cleans up with water.

WR-155 Primer may be used over polyester or epoxy resin surfaces, and properly prepared wood and metal surfaces. Use the primer to provide a smooth, uniform surface for the System Three polyurethane WR-LPU Topcoat. It can also be used to help poor hiding topcoats look uniform and opaque. This product is available in a Grey color only in quarts and gallons.

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    Technical Specs
  • Total Solids by Weight: 55 Percent
  • Mixed Viscosity: 200cps
  • Coverage: 350 square Ft/Gal
  • Tack Free at 77 degrees F: 4 hours
  • Recoat Time at 77 degrees F: 12-24 hours
  • Full Cure Time at 77 degrees F: 7 days
  • BRAND: System Three
    Material: Epoxy
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Type: Topside Paint Primer
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    Great paint as it gives a tough epoxy base while drying for recoat in hours alowing multiple coats in one day. Best of all it can be sprayed at home without worrying about dangerous and toxic fumes. I was able to spray in my basement without any significant fumes in the house.Best applied in cool temperatures and high humidity to avoid a rough surface.Also applies very well with a foam roller. I found that there was no advantage to tipping with a foam brush as the paint flowed out beatifully on its owb while the brush left streaks.

    Lucky Dip

    Ontario Canada


    Top Notch


    Using water borne wood finish products for furniture on a regular basis, this was the first water borne epoxy primer I have used. It was easy to mix and apply but be aware, the pot life is greatly limited by temp/humidity. Plan on discarding the first applicators and if applying in 80 degree F weather, use a 2-3 hr max pot life. Also, the coverage was greater than expected as it refers to recommended film tickness. The gallon can provides 2 coats of rolled on coverage for the square footage cited.

    I do not use nicknames

    Norwalk, CT


    System Three WR-155 Epoxy Primer



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