14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - Yellow
  • 14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - Yellow
  • 14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - Purple
  • 14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - Orange

14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - (Multiple Colors)

14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire

14 AWG - Nominal OD Size: 9/64"

Constructed to American Wire Gauge standards, AWG wire is up to twelve percent larger than the equivalent SAE wire sizes. AWG wire provides a greater current capacity when compared to SAE gauge wire.

Marine Tinned Wire and Cables are manufactured from tin coated copper strands for maximum protection against corrosion, electrolysis and resists fatigue due to vibration and flexing.

Rated at 600 volts and 105 degrees C, the heavy duty insulation is resistant to heat and abrasion. Exceeds all UL1426, US Coast Guard Charterboat (CFR title 46) and ABYC standards.

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Marine Wire Color Code for Direct Current Electrical Systems under 50 Volts - ABYC

Color  Item  Use 
Red  DC Positive Conductor  Positive Mains 
Black or Yellow  DC Negative Conductor  Return, Negative Mains 
Green or Green w/ Yellow Stripe  DC Grounding Conductor  Bonding System, Bonding Wires (if insulated) 
Light Blue  Oil Pressure  Oil Pressure Sender to Gauge 
Dark Blue  Cabin & Instrument Lights  Fuse or Switch to Lights 
Brown  Generator Armature  Generator Armature to Regulator 
Brown  Alternator Charge Light  Generator, Terminal/Alternator, Auxiliary Terminal to Light to Regulator 
Brown  Pumps  Fuse or Switch to Pumps 
Grey  Navigation Lights  Fuse or Switch to Lights 
Grey  Tachometer  Tachometer Sender to Gauge 
Orange  Accessory Feed  Ammeter to Alternator or Generator Output and Accessory Fuses or Switches 
Orange  Common Feed  Distribution Panel to Accessory Switch 
Pink  Fuel Gauge  Fuel Gauge Sender to Gauge 
Purple  Ignition  Ignition Switch to Coil & Electrical Instruments 
Purple  Instrument Feed  Distribution Panel Electrical Instruments 
Brown w/ Yellow Stripe  Bilge Blowers  Fuse or Switch to Blower 
Yellow  Starting Circuit  Starting Switch to Solenoid 
Tan  Water Temperature  Water Temperature Sender to Gauge 
Green/Stripe (G/x) (except G/Y)  Tilt Down and/or Trim In  Tilt and/or Trim Circuits 
Blue/Stripe (Bl/x)  Tilt Up and/or Trim Out  Tilt and/or Trim Circuits 
BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Gauge: 14 AWG
Type: Primary Wire
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14 Gauge Marine Tinned Primary Wire - (Multiple Colors)



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