Z-Spar Topside Enamels, z spar enamel marine paint
Pettit Z-Spar Z-Spar
  • Z-Spar Topside Enamels, z spar enamel marine paint

Z-Spar Topside Enamels

Z-Spar enamels are world renowned and the topside of choice for millions of boaters. Popular for use on wood, metal or fiberglass, Z Spar brushes beautifully without brush marks. Self-leveling qualities provide a glass-like finish.

Z Spar Enamel is a modified long oil alkyd with exceptional durability, tremendous gloss and gloss-retention. Colors resist fading and white stays white. #99 Solid Coat contains a very high loading of titanium dioxide for maximum hiding power.

These topside alkyd enamels are famous coast to coast for their excellent initial gloss, high gloss retention, and their overall long life and flexibility.

Gloss White  
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    Technical Specifications

  • Finish: Alkyd Topside Finish
  • Volume Solids: 50%
  • Theoretical Coverage: 500 sq. ft. per gallon; 125 sq. ft. per quart (allows for an approximate loss of 20%).
  • VOC: 385 g/l for 99 White (other colors will vary slightly)
  • Number of Coats: 2 minimum with additional coat at waterline recommended.
  • Dry Film Thickness per Coat: 1.5 mils per coat (3 wet mils).
  • Application Temp: 40Deg F. Min., 90Deg F. Max.

  • Surface Preparation
    Prior to application, surfaces to be painted must be free of all dirt, peeling paint, rust, oil, grease, wax and other interfering materials.

  • Fiberglass
    Wash with soap, ammonia and water. Let dry, then clean thoroughly with Z*Spar T-1132 Fiberglass Prep Solution. Sand with 220 grit sandpaper. Clean off sanding dust thoroughly by vacuuming and/or airblasting followed by wiping with a clean tac-rag. If surface is slightly rough or porous, prime with Z*Spar 105 White Undercoater.

  • Old Paint
    All existing painted surfaces in good firm condition should be lightly sanded. All existing paint in poor condition (cracked, blistered, peeling) must be removed and surfaces treated as new.

  • New or Bare Wood
    Surfaces must be sanded with 180-220 grit sandpaper. Remove sanding dust by vacuuming and/ or airblasting followed by wiping with a clean tac-rag. Surfaces should then be sealed with Z*Spar S-120 Clear Sealer. After the sealer has dried, apply one coat of Z*Spar 105 White Undercoater. Sand undercoater with 220 grit sandpaper before applying Z*Spar Topside Enamel.

  • Aluminum
    Sand with 180-220 grit sandpaper. Clean off sanding dust before applying paint. Apply one coat of Z*Spar P-707 Prime-All Primer before applying Topside Enamel. Z*Spar 105 White Undercoater can be used over P-707 Prime- All Primer for smoothing surfaces if desired.

  • Steel
    Surfaces must be well sandblasted or sanded to remove all millscale and rust. Then apply 2 coats of Z*Spar P- 646 or 340 Gold Epoxy Primer. Z*Spar 105 White Undercoater can be used over P-646 or 340 Gold for smoothing surfaces if desired. NOTE: When removing sanding dust from a sanded surface, DO NOT use thinner solvent, gasoline or a dirty rag. DO use a tac-rag, vacuum, air blast or a clean dry cloth. NOTE: If filling or fairing of nonsubmerged surface is required use #1 or #2 White Glazing Putty after the first coat of 105 White Undercoat.

  • Application
    Brush, roller, conventional or airless spray. For brush application reduce with approximately 5-10% T-10 Thinner, or T-11 Thinner in excessively hot weather and apply in full wet coats. For spray application thin with 15-20% T- 8 Thinner and spray on two coats approximately 15-20 minutes apart. The first coat should be a light coat and the second coat should be a medium coat. If the second coat cannot be applied within 20 minutes, allow an overnight dry between coats. An alternate spray method would be to apply two full coats allowing a 24 hour drying time between coats and sanding with 280-320 grit sandpaper prior to the final coat.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Topside Paint
4.9 13

I have been using this paint for many years and love it.


I use this paint to paint the outside of my house.

The house doctor

Newport Beach, california




Excellent paint to bad it was discontinued.




this paint is the best!!!!


used on inner rail where the fisherman lean - stays on lays flat and shiny , very professional and cleans easy - i love this paint!!!!


point pleasant nj


good price good prduct, shipping cheap


we used this to recover a hot tub that lost its clear and had glass fibers irritating my skin! works well for the money!



50 Years as Best for Wooden Boats.


I've used this product and its earlier versions for 50 years, and would recommend it for any wooden boat. Covers beautifully, easy to apply, and very easy to touchup between coats.


San Francisco


If it aint broke, keep usin' it


Has been good on topsides for many years on several boats. Dependable, looks good, pretty durable.


Brookings, OR


Z-Spar High Gloss Black


We used the high gloss black as a waterline stripe on our Florida based 34' sailboat. I did not add thinner and the 98deg day caused the paint not to "flow" as much as I wanted. It was applied with a small foam roller. If I had thinned it down, as specified in the instructions,,,,, it would have given me the sprayed look I wanted. It still is an impressive finish and will not be redone.


Titusville Florida


Z Spar 100 white


Great product, have used for years, holds up very well in a marine environment.


New Jersey


all was super


my order with jamestown dist was super and the products i ordered were great


norfolk Va


Very Nice Finish


Used on hull of 22 foot wooden boat. Rolls and brushes beautifully, no marks. Sensitive to surface imperfections (cracks, grain) showing through.


St Paul, MN


Z-Spar Topside Enamels



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