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System Three QuikFair Fairing Compound

Quikfair Fairing Compound is a lightweight microballoon-filled fast-curing two-part epoxy fairing putty with excellent moisture resistance. Designed to be used on both fiberglass and wood-epoxy boats above or below the waterline.
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    Technical Specifications
  • Mix Ratio by Weight: 2:1
  • Total Solids: 100 percent
  • Mixed Viscosity
  • Mixed Color: Tan
  • Pot Life at 77 degrees F: 10 Minutes
  • Tack Free Time at 77 degrees F: 3 Hours
  • Hand Sand in 3 hours
  • Machine Sand in 4 hours
  • Use protective gloves when working with this product. Use soap and water or white vinegar to clean off of your hands. Use Denatured Alcohol to clean off your tools.

    BRAND: System Three
    Material: Epoxy
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Rate Of Cure: Fast
    Type: Fairing Compounds
    4.5 29

    First Restoration


    I'm a new customer recommended by William Dryer of Charlevoix MI, who probably buys a ton. A lot of my purchases are guess work, especially the screws, for I'm not knowledgeable about sizing nomenclature, but I'll end up with a great screw inventory. Ha!Your timeliness has been superb and your product explanations helpful. Thanks for the great job!


    Gaylord, Michigan


    Not in love with this product


    I used this to fare a very old canoe that I restored. I was convinced that this the "right" product to use since it does not absorb water. That may be true. What I was not pleased with is how hard it became and how difficult it was to smoooth. It was almost untouchable with sanding and needed to be filed. Considering that the surrounding areas are soft cedar this created quite a challenge. I was not thrilled with this. I also applied a small amount on several low spots on the stems and later learned that my stem tacks could not penetrate it. I did make it work but the effort was greater than expected. I would likely not use this again. I certainly would not recommend it for a wooden canoe although there are others that do.The color is also very obnoxious. I would have preferred brown or even white to the odd pink tone.

    EH Gerrish

    Rochester NY


    Excellent product. Fast Setting, and Curing, can paint Quick


    Filled in dents quite easily. After paint, looks like new.




    It works -filled a thousand 'pox' on 42'


    You have multiple choices for filling material in fiberglass. This Epoxy works well mixing ratio of tow to one is not difficult to eye ball. I used it at very low temperatures around 30 -40. It takes longer to harden but it's a chemical reaction --you can't stop it from hardening any more that you can prevent HI tide!

    Another Jim



    Easy to use


    Mixes and goes on just like bondo, But it was hard to sand. I waited a few days before I sanded , may have sanded easyer at 5 hour of cure time.


    Suffolk Va


    Fixed My Pere Marquette


    My 45-yr old canoe sat out in the elements, which rotted the square-end wood and created a large crack in the fiberglass. I replaced the wood easily and applied the Quick Fair Compound, following your instructions to the letter. What a great product! I used my professional carpentering clamps and got a perfect result. It was easy to sand down for a good-looking finish. It took paint well. It should be good enough to last for years for whomever buys the canoe in the Spring! Thanks, Jamestown!

    I M the Carpenter

    Wadsworth, Ohio


    Nice fairing compound


    I am filling and fairing on a couple of different boats- one polyester/fiberglass, one wood/epoxy, and it works well on either material. I also used it directly on some foam core before glassing over it, and it seems to stick quite well to the corecell. It goes on much like "bondo", and is easy to work with and sand. It might be a little slow to cure in cooler weather.


    Atlanta, ga


    Professional results with some effort


    I refinished the cabin of my 1966 Tartan 27 ft. fiberglass sailboat. I mixed a small amount of this product in a 3oz.cup at a time to cover MANY hairline cracks and gouges because it hardens quickly at high temperatures. This is one tough product. You want to use it sparingly. Once smoothed with a putty knife and later with sandpaper when dry (I did a lot of hand sanding as well as using electric sanders), it looks great under a coat of quality paint. It's worth spending the time with this product if you have a big job at hand.




    Good Stuff


    I have used all of the different West fillers with their epoxy and this product falls between the low density fill and their light weight microballoon fill. But this product forms a nice no sag consistancy withouthaving to add powder to liquid which cures to a sandable surface in around 4 hours. I use a small weight scale to meter the ratios.Good for creating a smooth surfaces on wood or fiberglass. It has minimal shrinkage save time refilling holes. I would avoid using this product where any type of strenght is required.

    Jim E.



    First time boat builder-Love this produc


    Used this to fair my GV11. As a first time builder, I made mistakes and not so eye pleasing fiberglass applications. This product really made the final product look great.


    Lake Forest Park, WA


    System Three QuikFair Fairing Compound



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