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End Rot Rotten Wood Repair Kit, System Three EndRot
System Three System Three
  • End Rot Rotten Wood Repair Kit, System Three EndRot

System Three EndRot Kit

Why replace when you can restore? Avoid costly replacement and ineffective wood rot repairs with the EndRot Kit from System Three Resins.

Wood restoration repairs cannot be made permanent if the wood destroying organisms are not eliminated and kept from returning. Utilizing the 4 products in the EndRot kit the wood is first treated with a preservative then the rot-damaged wood is repaired with state-of-the-art epoxies.

The EndRot Kit contains enough of each product (RotFix, Sculpwood, Impel Rods and Board Defense) to do several kinds of repairs. For example, the rotted corners of a few windows or a rotted deck footing can be permanently repaired with this kit. Larger amounts of each EndRot component can also be purchased separately.

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Wood Restoration

System Three Resins, a company known for its marine adhesives and coatings, is located in the Pacific Northwest, which everyone knows is famous for its damp conditions. This can lead to moisture damage to any wood that is used outdoors. It is not surprising then that System Three Resins has developed an epoxy system to consolidate and replace wood that is rotted or deteriorated. These epoxy products, RotFix and SculpWood, are 100% non-volatile and were engineered specifically for wood restoration and repair. They provide superior performance to any polyester based system. Products like them have been used in marine applications for over 30 years. System Three Resins took these superior epoxy repair products a step further by recognizing that restoration repairs cannot be made permanent if the wood-destroying organisms aren't eliminated and kept from re-infecting the wood. For this reason System Three Resins has added a wood fungicide to the RotFix/SculpWood epoxy repair system.

EndRot Kit Includes:


  • 6 ea. IMPEL Rods
  • 2 oz. Board Defense
  • 2 oz. RotFix Resin
  • 1 oz. RotFix Hardener
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Resin
  • 8 oz. SculpWood Hardener
  • 2 pair Gloves
  • 1 ea. Literature Pack


BRAND: System Three
Usage: Woodrot
4.4 8

Worked for me


My garage door rotted where the bottom panels meet the bottom crosspiece. The rotted area was about one-inch deep and a yard across. I followed the instuctions and rebuilt it to my satisfaction. The kit contained enough of everything I needed.


NYC Burbs


Quantities provided not well matched.


Nice packaging and instructions. Thought that the borate "rods" were missing, but finally found them. There were six, 1/4 x 1/2 "rods." More like oversize rice grains. I was trying to repair the bottom few inches of a 6x6 post, and felt these were inadequate, since the System 3 chart recommends rods 1/2 by 4, if I read it correctly. There was enough epoxy, Board defense powder and Sculpwood for the job, but not enough borate rods. A quick calculation indicates System 3 charges roughly $64 per cubic inch for the tiny pieces, compared to $6 per cubic inch for the 1/2X4 pices. Disappointed.


Fairfield, CT


i would buy again


Easy to use. Sands great. Finished window loos as good as new


hayward wi


Complete package and just what I needed


I was very pleased with the excellent instructions and ease of use of the various components.


Altamont, NY


Perfect for my project


I used EndRot to repair a support beam on a deck. It worked just as I hoped it would. The repair was hard and sturdy. The directions were very clear and the video was very useful (and entertaining!).

Pool Deck Gal

Indianapolis, Indiana


EndRot for Marine Use


Instructions are aimed pretty much at house repair even though I found the product listed under "marine products"


Huntington Beach, CA


Absolutely the best


I used this product on the bottom of my front porch supports posts and my header in the garage that supports the upper level of the house. It has been over 2 years since I did this (on my own) and all looks very nice. No signs of rot coming back. I am a 48 year old woman and if I can do it, anyone can do it. If ever I see signs of rotting anywhere else, I will order more.


Middle River, MD


Absolutely teriffic product


I rebuilt the rotted bottom of a long 8X8 structural diagonal support beam (below it's support bolt, of course) using the rot kit. After completion, the repaired area was as solid as the original wood and it was almost impossible to tell there was any repair done. One whole kit was necessary, but replacing the beam would have been very expensive-at least $1500.00.


Portland, OR


System Three EndRot Kit



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