Fireboy Xintex Propane Fume Detector S1A
Fireboy Fireboy
  • Fireboy Xintex Propane Fume Detector S1A

Fireboy Propane Fume Detector

Fireboy S-1A plug-in propane fume detector. Var-a-Brite indicators brighten during day and soften at night for maximum readability. Detector comes with test button, alarm silence and 2 inch display housing. Includes solenoid valve control, sensor, and 20-ft. connector cable.
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  • Specifications

  • Voltage: +12VDC nominal (7VDC to 15VDC)
  • Alarm Point: 18% to 20% LEL at 70 Deg F
  • Sensor Stability: 0 Deg F to 130 Deg F (-18 Deg C to 54 Deg C)
  • Current draw monitoring mode: 200 mA maximum
  • Current draw alarm mode: 210 mA maximum
  • Alarm horn: 85 dB
  • Display dimensions: 2" x 2" x 7/8"
  • Var-a-Brite light intensity control
  • Sensor fail alarm


BRAND: Fireboy
Type: Fume Detectors
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