Fireboy Propane and compressed natural gas Monitor and Control
Fireboy Fireboy
  • Fireboy Propane and compressed natural gas Monitor and Control

Fireboy Propane and Natural Gas Monitor

Fireboy S-2A combination propane and compressed natural gas monitor and controller for vessels. Monitor features include low current draw, plug-in sensors (second sensor optional), display module fault light, alarm and fault light, and alarm to indicate a malfunction in either one of the sensors. (Fault indicators show that the module or sensors are not working and may need repair.)

MS-2 sensor and 1 SV-1 solenoid valve included.

The system is calibrated at 20 percent LEL (lower explosive limit) to eliminate most nuisance alarms while allowing enough time to take action.

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  • A microprocessor-controlled two-channel monitor with automatic solenoid valve on / off switch.
  • A press to test button for each channel confirms function.
  • Module size: 4-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 7/8"
  • Available in black.


BRAND: Fireboy
Type: Fume Detectors
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A few suggestions!


Like most things marine. You will need to supply additional components to complete the installation. One of my pet peeves is having to provide things like short pieces of hookup wire especially when the terminal connections are far smaller (miniscule)than most other marine connections. That said once you have all of the parts the hookup is a breeze.

Raven Art

Riverside, RI


In my underground yacht, I feel safe an


Sure does help me sleep sound knowing my LPG Regulator's hooked up so I don't gotta be!!!

Mother Earth

Charleston, SC


Fireboy Propane and Natural Gas Monitor



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