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Amazon Mildew Away

Amazon's Mildew Away removes mildew stains and prevents their return. Biodegradable mildew stain remover may be applied to most colored fabrics including furniture, sails, life jackets, clothes, carpeting, etc. The chlorine free formula will not remove color or break down stitching.

The pleasant fragrance allows Mildew Stain Away to be used in close quarters without harmful fumes. It also works effectively on hard fiberglass and tile surfaces.

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BRAND: Amazon
Type: Mold and Mildew Cleaners
3.7 3

Does not work


I tried Amazons Mildew Remover on my boat cushions. Not one spot was removed. There was no difference from when I sprayed it on to when I cleaned it off. I tried soaking a rag with this product and let it sit for two hours and still the stains are all there.


Cape Coral, Fl


Great product . . . I'm a repeat buyer.


A really great product for dealing with mildew stains. Works on all surfaces. Safe for fabrics and solid surfaces. Easy to use.

Calamity Jane II

Hamilton, NJ


Amazon Mildew Away simply works....


This stuff just works... cleans, brightens, eliminates stains, restricts mildew return, doesn't harm anything it touches. Great on the boat and in S. Fla climate.


Marco Island, Florida


Amazon Mildew Away



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