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Aqua Signal Series 23 LED Portable Navigation Lights

Aqua Signal Series 23 LED Portable Navigation Lights are for use on boats under 23 feet traveling less than 7 knots.

LED lamps consume much less energy than a standard incandescent bulb, resulting in a battery life of up to 10 times longer (proposed 100,000 hours of service life). LED navigation lights maximize visibility on the water and are better suited for the harsh marine environment than standard lights.

Aqua Signal Series 23 Lights feature a black housing and are fully buoyant. The lights are powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

Available in an inflatable mount, bi-color bow light only.

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BRAND: Aqua Signal
Bulb Type: LED
Type: Portable Navigation Lights
2.3 9

Don't work for long.


I have this and the all around white light for my dinghy. I don't motor at night often, but the all around white light provided a handy flashlight - when it worked. These both failed after minimal use, after 2 years. I always removed the batteries when they were not in use.Other reviewers have pointed out that it is the ON/OFF switch that fails. Too bad, as these *appear* to be waterproof (they are not) and could be backup navigation lights on any boat.


Barrington, RI


Look at the picture


Your product was misrepresented. I thought I was buying both the LED bow and stern lights asshown in the picture. Stupid me for not reading the fine print.Perhaps if you send me the LED stern light free of charge than I could write a more favorablecomment.RP



Inflatable mount won't stick to my Avon


As supplied, this product cannot be securely installed on an Avon 310 (and presumably any other Hypalon type dinghy). I can find nothing which sticks to the PVC mount. It might work on a PVC inflatable, but there's no way to know. Aqua-Signal offers no help or recommendations. I have been an Aqua-Signal user for 35+ years, but they are now on my black list.

Robin L

Jacksonville FL


Serves the purpose


Would be nice to have a three to four foot extension that fits a one inch flagstaff bracket


Richland, MI


Aqua Signal Series Portagle Navigation


It looks brand new, but the on/off switch does not work. The batteries and bulb are new and work, but can't turn it on. Useless. Wasted money. Very sad. No recourse.

Old man still loves to fish

Lake Norrell, Arkansas


not waterproof


battery compartment on stern light filled with water after a rainstorm and rusted the contacts--won't work-threw it away

Tom sailor

Thousand Islands NY


I felt as "Bright" as the light"


They are readily attached and removed for storage. Extremly well built for the HARSH environment of water Fresh and SALT. Installing battery's is a snap and the Hard Rugged case will handle any ACCIDENTAL drops. $ Money well spent..

Captain Bob



Very well made product


Very well made product. The lights are bright and easy to install. My only complaint is that the wing nuts provided to attach the stern light pole were not the right threads for the nuts provided. A minor issue but never the less a little annoying.


Thompson, Connecticut




They may be buoyant, but I've had two that rusted out inside. Not worth the money!

Same Boat

Jax FL


Aqua Signal Series 23 LED Portable Navigation Lights



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