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Beckson Handy Mate Pumps

Beckson Handy-Mate Pumps can pump diesel fuel, oil, or water. Use at home, or with cars, boats, and RVs. Typical Handy Mate pump applications include pumping water out of bilges, sump tanks and from one tank to another. Great pumping oil from inboard or stern drive or engine crankcases to make oil changes easier.

Handy Mate pumps work by inserting a tube into the dipstick hole and simply pumping the oil out. Pumps include a kit of tubes, hoses, reducing foot and adapter. Made of tough marine plastic, Beckson pumps will not rust or corrode, are non-sparking for safety, and require no priming to start pumping.

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Item #  Length 
BEC 212PC  12 3/4 in. 
BEC 216PC  16 in. 
BRAND: Beckson
Type: Bilge Pump - Manual
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Even at the price, not worth the purchas


Had to purchase different sized tubing to make pump work. Had to use $5 bulb pump to get flow started. Once working, your pump made extraction easier, but slow - one gallon per half hour.Worked on own vehicles and heavy duty machinery for over 50 years.


Oakland, Maine 04963


Great Produce


easy to use, once you figure it out


Long Island NY


Handy Mate 212PC pump is a great value


I use this 212PC pump to remove "dregs" at the bottom of my rain barrels when I am winterizing the barrels before after growing season. This pump sucks out all of the algae-laden dregs at the bottom of the barrels - ZERO clogging of this pump. My barrels are white and a considerable amount of algae accumulated in the barrels over the growing season. (My 7 barrels are all connected they cannot be inverted for storage over winter.)One other thing - this pump requires a medium amount of strength to pump/suck more than a small amount of liquid. So, if you have to pump a lot, you may need to rest every few minutes while pumping.


Worthington, OH


Beckson Handy Mate Pumps



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