Epifanes Oval Brushes, oval paint brushes, oval varnish brushes
Epifanes Epifanes
  • Epifanes Oval Brushes, oval paint brushes, oval varnish brushes

Epifanes Oval Brushes

The oval shaped brush has the same qualities as round style Epifanes brushes but provides a slower release of paint or varnish. Falling somewhere in between the round and the full, this brush is ideal for varnish.

Oval and round brushes use a turning motion while cutting an edge to always give an even flow. Bristle volume gives great holding capacity. The chiseled shape ensures accurate paint spread.

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BRAND: Epifanes
Type: China Bristle
5.0 3

Wish I had bought this size sooner.


No more Badger brushes for me. I have the 2" oval also but the round is the perfect brush for smaller areas and curved surfaces. My flagpole is flawless, perfect application

The Flying WASP



perfect choice


great coverage for those rounded gunnels


KESWICK, Ontario


Throw away your foam brushes


the difference between this brush and using a foam brush is the difference between night and day. This brush holds more varnish, varnish stays in the brush ,doesnt drip and cutting right to a line is very easy. Only advantage of a foam brush is price and if I was worried about price I wouldn't have bought a boat. My only regret is that I didn't buy this brush years ago


larchmont NY


Epifanes Oval Brushes



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