Camco Freeze Ban -50 water antifreeze
Camco Camco
  • Camco Freeze Ban -50 water antifreeze

Camco Freeze Ban -50 Antifreeze

Camco Freeze Ban -50 protects your boat's fresh water system from expensive freeze damage by inhibiting fouling, corrosion, and algae growth.

Helps lubricate pumps and valves throughout the system. Freeze Ban is a propylene glycol-based antifreeze formulated to protect down to -50 deg F even though some slush/semi-solid formation is normal.

Use Freeze Ban at full strength; no dilution or mixing required. Safe for drinking water systems, copper, brass and all types of plastic except acetate. Can also be used full strength to winterize boat engines.

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BRAND: Camco
Material: Propylene Glycol
Type: Antifreeze
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Keep old man winter at bay...


Best freeze protection for engine and water systems.


Pawtuxet Cove, RI


Camco Freeze Ban -50 Antifreeze



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