#8-32 Stainless Steel Oval Head Phillips Drive Machine Screws
  • #8-32 Stainless Steel Oval Head Phillips Drive Machine Screws

#8-32 S/S Machine Screws Oval Head Phillips

#8-32 Stainless steel oval head phillips drive machine screws. Stainless Steel machine screws provide excellent corrosion resistance and are the work horse for modern boatbuilding or exterior woodworking applications. Sold in boxes of 100. Oval head screws are used primarily for trim work or anywhere a smooth top is desired. The slightly rounded head projects above the finished surface and prevents the snags that occur when a flat head screw is not fully countersunk. Use where appearance is a factor.

These Stainless Steel Machine Screws are perfect for the marine environment. This is what all the big production boatbuilders use. There are also a million exterior uses where a stainless fastener will come in handy. Designed for harsh environments.

(1 bx contains 100 ea)
$5.10 / bx
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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Driver: Phillips
Fastener Type: Machine Screws
Head: Oval Head
MET / STD: Standard
Metal: Stainless Steel
Type: Screws Bolts
5.0 3

I use these products in every form with great success


Vintage Automotive restoration


Lenox MA


For GUITAR necks


Smart electric guitar owners retrofit their guitar's bolt-on neck with 8-32 s.s. neck inserts in order to have the best neck-to-body sonic transference. It also allows easy neck removal without having to realign and reset-up the guitar. The neck also becomes easy off/ easy on for traveling.Once the inserts are installed, these screws work perfectly and look 100% identical to the standard wood screws commonly used on virtually all Fender electric guitars. You truly cannot tell they've been upgraded.Doing this conversion is one of the best bangs for the buck you can do to your prized (non-vintage) electric guitar. You will never have to worry about stripping one of the neck bolts again and the tone is GREATLY improved.




Great products and fast service!


Boating needs!



#8-32 S/S Machine Screws Oval Head Phillips



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