6 blade flexible water pump and bilge pump impellers by Jabsco
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Jabsco 6 Blade Flexible Impellers

These 6 blade Jabsco impellers have a variety of marine applications, most notable boat bilge pumps and engine water pumps. Many boaters replace this item seasonally as a precaution against pump failure, and keep a spare on board just in case.

They are made of either neoprene or nitrile depending upon the intended use. Neoprene impellers are used for engine cooling pumps and nitrile impellers are for bilge pumps or transfer duties where water is heavily contaminated with oil or diesel.

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Item Number

Material Type   Silhouette Letter  Drive Type   Impeller Diameter / Depth (inches)  Shaft Diameter inches  Insert 
14609-0001  Neoprene  1-1/4" / 15/32"  5/16"  Brass 
1414-0003P  Nitrile  1-1/4" / 15/32"  5/16"  Brass 
4528-0001  Neoprene  1 or 2  1-9/16" / 3/4"  3/8"  Brass 
4528-0003  Nitrile  1 or 2  1-9/16" / 3/4"  3/8"  Brass 
17288-0003  Nitrile  none  1-9/16" / 3/4"  n/a  none 
4527-0001  Neoprene  2" / 7/8"  5/16" 
22799-0001  Neoprene  2" / 7/8"  1/2"  Brass 
6303-0001  Neoprene  2" / 7/8"  5/16"  Plastic 
7273-0003  Nitrile  2" / 7/8"  5/16"  Plastic 
6303-0003  Nitrile  2" / 7/8  5/16"  Plastic 
5616-0001  Neoprene  2" / 7/8  1/2"  Brass 
Type: Impellers
3.5 2

I will buy this again when needed


this impellor goes in a pump that is used to pump antifreeze when winterizing boat motors. works very well for this.




Hard to find


I got the number off my Jabsco pump, but couldn't find it in your on-line catalogue. I was reduced to measuring the old part, finding one that matched the measurements, and hoping it would work.Installation was easy as the instructions were clear, and it included a small tube of lubricant, which was nice.I recommend it because I can't find it anywhere else, but I wish the site was clearer about finding the right one. I'm surprised the the model number of the pump is not available, as this pump is fairly new.


Cleveland, OH


Jabsco 6 Blade Flexible Impellers



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