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Lewmar Delta Anchors

Lewmar Delta anchors in six weights, ranging from 9 to 55 lbs. Delta series boat anchors are made of high grade manganese steel for maximum tensile strength. Lewmar's patented shank profile and ballasted tip mean these anchors are self launching. Due to their low center of gravity and self righting design, they set immediately without dragging or sliding along the bottom.

Delta anchors are approved by the Lloyds Register as a high holding power anchor and is specified as the primary anchor used by numerous national lifeboat organizations.

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  • Manufactured from high grade manganese steel.
  • Self launching
  • Guaranteed for life against Breakage.
  • Lloyd's Register Type Approval


Item #  Weight#  Sailboat Size  Powerboat Size 
LEW 0057404  9 LBS  20 to 24 feet  18 to 22 feet 
LEW 0057406  14 LBS  26 to 31 feet  24 to 30 feet 
LEW 0057410  22 LBS  34 to 41 feet  32 to 39 feet 
LEW 0057416  35 LBS  44 to 52 feet  42 to 50 feet 
LEW 0057420  44 LBS  49 to 58 feet  47 to 56 feet 
LEW 0057425  55 LBS  54 to 64 feet  52 to 62 feet 
BRAND: Lewmar
Type: Anchors
4.7 3

holds first time every time


First time I dropped the 14 lb delta anchor, it went down and held the mud bottom instantly. We didn't even need to let out a ton of rope, either. Currently we do not have chain attached to the anchor.It works perfect for my 25 ft cabin cruiser.

Lifes Remedy II

Lakeville, MN


anchors away.


I would have ordered a lot more if there was not a hazardous charge on the shipping.




Delta Fastset 14lb anchor


A good quality light anchor. I purchased for my 26' cc, have not had a chance to use it yet, but I suspect based on other reviews it will get the job done.




Lewmar Delta Anchors



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