Ready Strip Marine varnish remover, ready strip paint stripper, quart
Back To Nature Back To Nature
  • Ready Strip Marine varnish remover, ready strip paint stripper, quart
  • Ready Strip Marine varnish remover, ready strip paint stripper, gallon
  • Ready Strip Marine varnish remover, ready strip paint stripper, 5 gallons

Ready Strip Marine

Back to Nature Ready-Strip Marine can remove most varieties of marine paints & varnishes including anti-fouling, polyurethanes, enamels, teak oils, non-skid deck, latex paint, etc., in one application. Ready Strip is designed to remove up to 5 layers of marine anti-fouling paint in one application. It can be applied on a multitude of bottom and topside surfaces including fiberglass, wood (it will not discolor the wood or raise the grain), aluminum, etc. Will not damage gel coat, wood grain, or any surface. Ready Strip conveniently changes color to signal when paint is ready to be removed.
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Item Number  Size 
BTN-RM25  Quart 
BTN-RM01  Gallon 
BTN-RM05  5 Gallons 


  • Covers approximately 60 square feet per gallon
  • For best results apply in temperatures between 60-80 degrees F


BRAND: Back To Nature
Type: Paint Strippers
2.5 8



God awful. Doesn't work. Had more luck removing ablative with water than this junk. Come on Jamestown you can do better than this. Drop this product.


Demopolis, AL

Absolute waste of time and money


Tried 8 differnt ways from Sunday to get this to work on a 13ft whaler whose paint was already coming off. Didnt make slightest dent. Wasyed 3 days and used powerwasher which pitted my gelcoat. Company should not be sellung this.




Marginal Performance


I had multiple layers of bottom paint on my 15' Whaler and, after reading the description of the product, thought that removal would be a one-step process. WRONG. Many, many applications followed by scraping and sanding are needed to get it off. This product doesn't have the power it claims to have.


Wilmington, NC




I tried this to remove a single layer of what I believe was probably enamel over gelcoat. I tried scraping it after an hour (modest success) and then after 24 hours, wetting it after 20 hours. It lifted 25% of the paint at most. After that I went at it with a very sharp scraper, but I don't think the paint remover contributed much at that point.


Cape Cod


works as described for me


worked well came of nicely almost leathery strips and work just as well actually better because it was easy to remove after 1.5 hours than it did after 12 18 or 24 or more.if it dries out "color changes" you can re wet with water. Use a metal single edged razor blade plastic doesnt have what it takes or will take longer at least. If there is ane paint residue left (slight tint aka thin layer) use a scotch brite and water and scrub it away. follow with some wet sanding paper and a compounding then wax.

best there ever was fiberglass



Does not work


Purchased this product to strip bottom paint from my project boat. Tried several different approaches: longer time to work and thickness of paste. Not one time did this product even lift the slightest amount of paint. Tried to reach the people at Back to Nature twice, left a message as per instructed and they never called back.


Beverly Hills, Fl.


Works pretty well


Works great if you paint it on and cover it with Saran wrap to keep it from drying out while it does it's work. My first attempt omitted the Saran wrap, so the thinner coated areas dried out before they could soften the paint much.On my second attempt, I used the Saran wrap method, left it on for 5-6 hours, and all the paint came off easily.


Shelby, AL


bottom paint removal


I used this to remove about 24 layers of hard bottom paint on my 1972 ss235. It took several applications, and a lot of scraping but it came out great right to the original gel coat. Followed-up with several barrier coats of interprotect 2000E


Bristol, RI


Ready Strip Marine



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