MDR Gasoline Water Zorb
  • MDR Gasoline Water Zorb

MDR Gasoline Water Zorb

MDR Gasoline Water Zorb absorbs water in gas tanks and allows fuel contaminated with water to burn through the engine, eliminating the need to drain the tank.

Gasoline WATER ZORB is not for Ethanol gasoline, use new E-Zorb for E-10 gas.

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Water can accumulate in fuel tanks by condensation, contaminated fuel, or leaky filler cap gasket. Also, reformulated gas (RFG) has been known to attract water and other contaminants.

Gasoline Water Zorb disperses and emulsifies water right into the fuel, allowing it to pass through filters and safely burn away with the fuel. Water Zorb can be used as preventative maintenance.

One oz. treats 18 gallons of gas; for larger volumes of water, Water Zorb will totally emulsify its own volume of water.

Fuel: Gasoline
Type: Fuel Additives
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