MDR Antifouling Inflatable Boat Paint
MDR MDR inflatable boat paint
  • MDR Antifouling Inflatable Boat Paint

MDR Antifouling Inflatable Boat Paint

MDR Antifouling bottom paint for inflatable boats and dinghies has a unique formulation that remains flexible. This water based vinyl anti-fouling paint contains 26.37% cuprous oxide for protection against barnacles and marine growth in fresh and salt water.

Use MDR inflatable boat paint on Hypalon, PVC, and rubber inflatables, as well as fiberglass or wooden dingies. Once cured, inflatable boats can be deflated and rolled without cracking the coating. Apply with brush or roller, and clean up with water. One quart is enough for two coats on an 8-10' boat.

Available in Black only.
$56.38 / qt
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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Below Water Line (yes/no): Yes
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Inflatable Boat AF Paint
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Jamestown charges way too much for this


Since placing my order, I've come to find out that you've overcharged me for the item [$] Hence, by doing business with your fine company, I've paid about $30 too much for a can of paint! I've done business with you in the past for hard to find fasteners, but had no idea you were into overcharging for already expensive marine items. Figured you could use the feedback.


Deale, MD


very fine product would use again


used on my inflatable application of product worked fine I have used this product before and lasted for 2 yrs


apollo beach florida


MDR Antifouling Inflatable Boat Paint



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