Meguiars One-Step Compound for gelcoat finishes
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  • Meguiars One-Step Compound for gelcoat finishes

Meguiar's One-Step Compound

Meguiar's One-Step Compound is an aggressive polshing compound that cleans and restores gloss to gelcoat finishes in one step. It removes moderate to heavy oxidation, scratches, stains, and tough water spots on all fiberglass and painted gel coat marine or RV surfaces. Apply either by hand or electric polisher to restore color and gloss.
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  • Cleans and restores gloss to gel coat surfaces in one step
  • Removes oxidation, scratches, and stains
  • Apply by hand or with machine
  • An aggressive but safe cutting compound


BRAND: Meguiars
Type: Compounds Polishes Waxes
4.0 2

Not that impressed


Didn't seem to take off the oxidation, but if you wet sand first, it does okay. Took 4 applications with my buffer to get a decent shine on my boat, and it still could use some attention.


Georgetown SC


Absolutely the best ever


One of the best products I've used in recent memory. Performed flawlessly

dirt dobber

Eastern NC


Meguiar's One-Step Compound



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