Orpine Wash and Wax
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  • Orpine Wash and Wax

Orpine Wash and Wax

OrPine Wash & Wax features the cleaning power of Orpine Boat Soap combined with a wax treatment for a cleaner that leaves a protective non-yellowing wax coating behind.

Wash & Wax has a concentrated formula requiring only one ounce of Wash & Wax per three gallons of water to wash a medium sized boat. It removes salt and dirt from boats, fishing tackle, trailers, and cars while providing a coat of wax protection. It cleans and waxes everything from the fish box to the cabin and eliminates musty mildew odors and leaves a pleasant pine fragrance.

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  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula
  • Safe of fiberglass, epoxy paints, metals, wood, and plastics
  • Cleans and protects windows and enclosures


BRAND: Orpine
Type: Boat Soap
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This stuff is awesome


Worth the money. A little goes a long way.

Bam Bam

Palm Coast, Fl


Orpine Wash and Wax



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