Polyform HTM Series Fenders
Polyform Polyform htm boat fenders
  • Polyform HTM Series Fenders

Polyform HTM Boat Fenders

Polyform HTM (hole through middle) boat fenders provide maximum protection in a wide variety of applications. Vertical ribs for extra protection, reinforced tube ends to prevent lines from being pulled through if the fender gets caught in a tight spot, and extra wall thickness to resist punctures and tears. Designed for use in medium duty applications in both permanent protected and unprotected moorings. Comes in 3 different colors (blue, white and black).
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Item #  Size"  Color  Boat Size' 
POL HTM1BLK  6 x 15 inches  Black  Up to 30 feet 
POL HTM1BLU  6 x 15 inches  Blue  Up to 30 Feet 
POL HTM1WHT  6 x 15 inches  White  Up to 30 feet 
POL HTM2BLK  8 x 20 inches  Black  25-45 feet 
POL HTM2BLU  8 x 20 inches  Blue  25-45 feet 
POL HTM2WHT  8 x 20 inches  White  25-45 feet 
POL HTM2BUR  8 x 20 inches  Burgundy  25-45 feet 
POL HTM2SAND  8 x 20 inches  Sand  25-45 feet 
POL HTM3BLU  10 x 26 inches  Black  40-60 feet 
POL HTM3BLK  10 x 26 inches  Blue  40-60 feet 
POL HTM3WHT  10 x 26 inches  White  40-60 feet 
POL HTM4BLK  12-34 inches  Black  50 feet and over 
POL HTM4BLU  12-34 inches  Blue  50 feet and over 
POL HTM4WHT  12-34 inches  White  50 feet and over 
BRAND: Polyform
Type: Inflatable Fenders
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Protecting my boat's hull from me!


There's a lot of wind around the marina where I keep my 35' sailboat. The leward side of my slip is lined with four of these fenders. They protect the boat from the dock when I'm not around and are reasuring during difficult landings.


Duxbury, MA


Polyform HTM Boat Fenders



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