Simple Green Boat Cleaner
Simple Green Simple Green biogradable non toxic cleaner
  • Simple Green Boat Cleaner

Simple Green Boat Cleaner

Simple Green Boat Cleaner cleans boats top to bottom. Safe for use on all washable surfaces including hardwoods, brass, chrome, canvas, fiberglass, plastics, even delicate fabrics and skin. Quickly penetrates and lifts grease, blood, ink, fish oils, diesel fuel, mold, mildew from bilges, decks, canvas, galleys, heads or any washable surface. Simple Green Boat Cleaner is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-abrasive and can be used with fresh or salt water.
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BRAND: Simple Green
Type: Boat Soap
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Simple Green is Great


Simple Green is a great all purpose cleaner that works well on all types of surfaces and many applications. It cuts through grease & oils very well and also removes hardened dirt and grime easily. Depending on the job & how dirty the the thing is that you are cleaning you may want to adjust how dilute you make you solution. If you are trying to clean something really dirty or remove grease from some old engine parts, I would use it full strength.


Bristol, RI


Simple Green Boat Cleaner



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