Moeller Fuel Hose Primer Bulbs
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Moeller Fuel Hose Primer Bulbs

Moeller Fuel Hose Primer Bulbs are new for 2011 EPA/CARB compliant for low fuel permeation. Moeller squeeze fuel primer bulbs can be used with portable fuel tank hoses. Moeller primer bulbs stay flexible and use spring tensioned check balls to maintain prime and greater fuel flow.

Features gasoline and solvent-resistant construction, stainless steel clamps, and dual internal check valves to ensure a more rapid prime while preventing fuel flow back.

Marine fuel primer bulbs are available in three sizes for 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" inch fuel hoses.

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Moeller part number




OEM part number

MOE-03469010LP  For 1/4" fuel line  Johnson/Evinrude 174511 
MOE-03459010LP  For 3/8" fuel line  Mercury 89396A38 
BRAND: Moeller
Fuel: Gasoline
Inboard / Outboard: Outboard
Type: Fuel Lines
4.0 2

Just fine, no ssues


I used this primer bulb to modernize a fuel line asembly from a '95 Suzuki DT6 (connects to portable gas tank). No issues. It is slightly larger but also easier to squeeze than the older bulbs (pre-permeation rules).




Won't last


After about 100 hrs useage on my 115 outboard, I had to replace the bulb. The rear check valve malfunctioned by not stopping the gas from flowing back into the tank. At first there was an unsteady idle problem, then when opening up the throtle the engine lost power. A new bulb solved all problems.

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Salisbury, Md.


Moeller Fuel Hose Primer Bulbs



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