Trident Marine Tridentflex Water Hose
Trident Trident Marine Hose
  • Trident Marine Tridentflex Water Hose

Tridentflex Water Hose

Tridentflex Water Hose is used in lieu of pipe for provides better and easier installations where tight spaces, movement and vibration are considerations. Made of heavy duty tube with wire between 2 plies of reinforcement for excellent flexibility and bend radius. Trident hose resists heat, ozone, and collapse. Use for engine intakes, coolant, sanitation uses, scupper lines, bilge discharge and baitwells.
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Item #  I.D."  O.D"  Burst#  Length' 
TRC 10001241B  1/2in  7/8in  300lbs  12-1/2ft. 
TRC 1000126  1/2in  7/8in  300lbs  50ft 
TRC 10005841B  5/8in  1in  300lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 1000586  5/8in  1in  300lbs  50ft 
TRC 10003441B  3/4in  1-7/64in  300lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 1000346  3/4in  1-7/64in  300lbs  50ft 
TRC 10007841B  7/8in  1-7/32in  250lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 10010041B  1in  1-11/32in  250lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 1001006  1in  1-11/32in  250lbs  50ft 
TRC 10011841B  1-1/8in  1-15/32  250lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 10011441B  1-1/4in  1-5/8in  200lbs  12-1/2ft 
TRC 1001146  1-1/4in  1-5/8in  200lbs  50ft 
TRC 10013841B  1-3/8in  1-47/64in  190lbs  12-1/2ft 
BRAND: Trident
Type: Water Hose
4.5 2

Quality looks good; Challenge to install


I am replacing hose that is nearly 30 years old with this hose. The quality looks very good but the qualities that make the hose strong and durable also make it a bear to push on over barbed fittings. My mistake may have been trying to install it on a somewhat cold day and I could not push it on the manifold far enough to get two clamps on it. I will try again after warming it with a hair dryer with hopes that I can make it a bit more flexible and push it on further. Time from shipping to receipt was excellent.


Kalamazoo, MI


Best Quality Hose


I bought a vetus raw water inlet strainer and needed hose to run from the thru hull to the strainer and then to the engine. Used double clamps at the tru hull and strainer inlet. Single clamps from strainer (above water line) to the engine.

Capt. Eric

Palmetto, FL


Tridentflex Water Hose



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