Twisted Nylon Anchor Line
Unicord Unicord nylon anchor line
  • Twisted Nylon Anchor Line

Unicord Twisted Nylon Anchor Line

Unicord twisted nylon anchor line with great elasticity absorbs sudden shock loads, and has excellent resistance to abrasion, rot, mildew, oil, grease, gasoline, and other chemicals. Includes galvanized thimble, spliced on one end for attaching to anchors.
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Item #  Size"  Length' 
UNC 300518  3/8 inch  100 feet 
UNC 300525  3/8 inch  150 feet 
UNC 300532  1/2 inch  100 feet 
UNC 300549  1/2 inch  150 feet 
UNC 300556  1/2 inch  200 feet 
UNC 301461  1/2 inch  250 feet 
BRAND: Unicord
Material: Nylon
Type: Anchor Lines
3.7 3

Great Jamestown marine product


I'm using the product to make my own spliced dock lines. The line is easily spliced and has sufficient strength to insure safety for my 36' sailboat in its slip. The affordability of this 5/8" line is unmatched. For a little over $0.54 / foot, the saving was significant. Will use it for bow, stern, and spring lines.


Lake Texoma


Thimble is not galvanized and is 1/2 in


Thimble is not galvanized as stated and is stamped 1/2 inch not 5/8 will have to replice with a stainless steel or galvanized thimble for 5/8 line


Ocean City, NJ

3/8 nylon anchor/docking line


It's not the greatest line on the rack. But West is charging [$] a foot for line that's maybe 15% better. Hardly worth it. What I got was to tie up a 21' Maco. Totally sufficient. Thanks.




Unicord Twisted Nylon Anchor Line



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