3M Marine Mildew Block Spray creates a barrier to prevent mildew growth
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  • 3M Marine Mildew Block Spray creates a barrier to prevent mildew growth

3M Marine Mildew Block Spray

3M Marine mildew block is a non toxics spray to be used indoor and outdoors on marine surfaces where mildew growth is a concern. After cleaning any mildew from the surfaces to be treated, spraying 3M Mildew Block creates an invisible barrier that prevents mold and mildew growth.

Specifically designed for harsh marine environments. Helps keep surfaces looking cleaner and newer longer, reducing amount of scrubbing and harsh chemicals needed to remove mildew. Ideal for above waterline applications. Works on variety of cleaned surfaces, such as carpeting, deck furniture, rub rails, sail fabric, seat cushions, showers, etc. 3M Marine also offers a stain remover to eliminate mildew stains before applying the block spray.

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Mildew Block in 16.9 fluid ounce spray bottle.
Type: Mold and Mildew Cleaners
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I use this on difficult to clean areas prone to mold and mildew such as lockers and compartments where air circulation is poor. I found it to be very effective. It is invisible when dry leaving no apparent film layer.




Good Stuff


I've used this product for several years with good results. It helps prevent the growth of mildew on boat upholstery especially during lay up.

Lake Lover

Lake Martin, Al


Bad Container


I dropper the container from less then two feet, the container split. Saved some but it seemed greasy.


Milwaukee, WI


3M Marine Mildew Block Spray



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