3M Perfect It III Rubbing Compound
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3M Perfect-It III Rubbing Compound

3M Perfect-It III Rubbing Compound is lighter than the Extra Cut (3M-05936). Part of the 3M Paint Finishing Compound line, Perfect It III Rubbing Compound is designed to remove scratches on paint left from sanding P1500 and finer. Buffing with a black foam polishing pad (3M-05725) is recommended.These compounds provide excellent handling characteristics with easy clean up. Perfect It III does not comply with updated VOC requirements in some states. Perfect It 3000 compounds, glazes and swirlmark removal products meet the new VOC laws in the states of New England, California and Texas effective January 1, 2005.
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  • Completely removes scratches without filling
  • Easy to detail
  • Works on fresh or cured paint surfaces
  • Non-gritty formula produces a fine swirl mark finish


Type: Compounds Polishes Waxes
4.7 3

3M just those 2 speak for themselves


Look 3M makes awsome products. I have been using their products for over 30 years. I trust them you notice all products I ordered matched each other. I expect the best as 3M products have always given me the best results. Master Electrician for over 30 years 3M has never let me down. I will use these products according to 3M procedures I know I will get a great result.




Excellent product.


I used this product on my 1981 Mercedes 380SL after being disappointed with the paint job. It was easy to apply and now my car looks terrific. Thank you.

Jonathan in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA


Excellent product


I used the product to remove light oxidation from the gelcoat of my 6 year old boat, using a rotary buffer. It cut through the oxidation very quickly and left a high gloss finish ready for the final wax coat. It worked so well that I will be trying it next on a friend's 30 year old boat to remove heavy oxidation.

Capt. Pete

Jacksonville, FL


3M Perfect-It III Rubbing Compound



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