16 120 lb. Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties
  • 16 120 lb. Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties

16" 120 lb. Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties

16" long 120 lb low profile nylon cable ties for wiring and bundling. Cobra Cable's unique Low Profile cable ties offer true second generation features, including:
  • Parallel entry into an ultra low profile latching head
  • A totally snag proof smooth exterior and pocket that captures the trimmed stub.When applied to the bundle the flexible head conforms to the contour of the bundle. The unique design never has a cut off spike that could injure an installer or technician.
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    7.5" 50 lb. Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties


    -Material: 6/6 nylon

    -Colors: natural & UV black.

    -Max. bundle: 1 3/4"

    -Min. bundle: 3/8"

    -Working Temp. -40 F to +185 F

    -Strap width: .178"

    -Overall length: 7.50"

    -Head height: .103"

    -Head width: .330"




    -Low Profile


    -Smooth flexing contoured head

    -Trimmed stub retracts into cavity

    -Bundles down to 3/8 inch diameter

    -All UL/CSA and QPL approvals


    • Manufactured from the toughest of materials, pure virgin nylon 6/6.
    • Marine grade nylon is insoluble in common solvents, alkalis, dilute mineral acids, most organic acids and most petrochemicals.
    • Heavy duty locking mechanism.


    BRAND: Cobra Cable
    Type: Cable Ties and Clamps
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    Clean and Professional


    These are absolutely indispensible. Not only do they hold things more tighly due to their shape, not having the sharp end of the tie sticking up is brilliant. I've used these all over for a number of systems refits and they provide both a professional look and a safer environment for reaching into those awkward spaces.

    Tim from Frog Prints

    Seattle, WA


    16" 120 lb. Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties



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