Pink Paint Roller Covers Semi-Smooth 3/8 Nap
Redtree Redtree
  • Pink Paint Roller Covers Semi-Smooth 3/8 Nap

Redtree Pink Roller Cover - Semi-Smooth 3/8 Inch Nap

Pink paint roller covers are suitable for applying fiberglass, epoxy, resins, industrial coatings, bottom paints and most marine finishes.
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The Semi-Smooth 3/8" Nap is ideal for the application of thicker and heavier coatings where the final finish is not critical. The solvent resistant core is compatible with most finishes.

Medium rollers covers (with a 3/8" or 1/2" nap) are used for for sand-textured walls.

The Pink Roller Covers are available in 7 inch and 9 inch lengths.

BRAND: Redtree
Type: Paint Rollers
3.0 2

Best epoxy paint and bottom paint roller


I have used the Redtree pink roller covers exclusively for over 30 years. They come in the 7 " size which works great for under 30ft power boats. Properly resduced paint applies evenly and the cover holds a good supply of paint. As for shedding, there is always some shedding whenever using new covers. As a professional painter, I always solvent wash the roller cover and spin it out. You can also gently brush out the cover with a wire bush to help remove loose fibers. I have used this to apply Interlux 2000E barrier coat and had no abnormal shedding problems. As for the other reviewer that did, I'm sure he did not wash, spin and prepare the cover prior to painting. Remember, this is an epoxy and solvent resistant cover. Don't compare it to a Purdy roller cover that you use in your home. If prepared for use, shedding is not a problem. Back rolling into a portion of the paint already setting up will pull fibers from the roller. So always roll away from a wet edge, move swiftly, and constantly add solvent to paint that is setting up too fast. And don't go back, even if you see a defect. Get it the next coat. Paint must be applied at the recommended coverage rate. That said, doing all this correctly in the sun, on a warm windy day, is essentially impossible. This is why big, professional marinas paint inside. No wind, no sun, no weather concerns. If painting outside, try to pick a cool, overcast, wind free day, around 50F - 60F. If impossible, then make sure you get 2 out of the 3. If not, it makes for a real challenge. For those that care, all roller fibers sand off easily after the paint has fully cured. If using ablative paint, a light hand sand before the next seasons launch will remove fibers and open the paint for the seasons use. Or just do what everyone else does, don't worry too much about it. It's bottom paint.


Falmouth, MA

Not recommended


I used these roller covers to apply Interlux 2000E as a barrier coat. After a long summer of prepping the hull I was very discouraged with the amount of lint that was left behind with this roller cover. I tried a another cover for my second coat after carefully brushing it out to remove any loose fibers. There was still a lot of lint. I went to the local hardware store and purchased new covers and they did much better. After 3 additional coats of 2000E and 2 coats of anti-fouling I can still see the lint. Big bummer. I can't think of an application that would be suitable for these roller covers.


St. Paul, MN


Redtree Pink Roller Cover - Semi-Smooth 3/8 Inch Nap



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