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3M Silicone Paste is a non-melting water resistant 100% solids silicone compound, designed to protect surfaces from oxidation. Also used as a general purpose lubricant for brakes (and other metal to rubber applications); Silicone paste is a great protectant for O rings and weatherstripping. Silicone grease is a viable alternative to petroleum based lubricants because it is long lasting and temperature and water resistant. It can be applied heavily to help seal out oxidation and corrosion or it can be spread out thin to leave behind a virtually unnoticeable film. Packaged in a brush top lid for easy application.
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  • Use as a lubricant for plastic-to-plastic, plastic-to-metal, plastic-to-rubber, rubber-to-rubber, and metal-to-rubber assemblies.
  • Use as a dielectric paste on low voltage (less than 500 volts/ML) electrical parts where arcing and oxidation may occur
  • Use on brakes, engine ignition wire connections, distributor and coil connections, bulb bases.
  • Use as a heat transfer membrane between heat-sinks.


Material: Silicone
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Used this product on the pins in my brake calipers, does not harden or melt under temperature. perfect!!

checky chas.

Glasgow UK


3M Silicone Paste



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