WEST System G/flex 650 Liquid Epoxy Kits - 8 oz.
WEST System West System epoxy
  • WEST System G/flex 650 Liquid Epoxy Kits - 8 oz.
  • WEST System G/flex 650 Liquid Epoxy Resin and Hardener all sizes

WEST System G/flex 650 Liquid Epoxy

West System G/Flex liquid epoxy is a toughened, versatile adhesive designed for permanent, waterproof bonds on fiberglass, ceramics, glass, masonry, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. G/flex epoxy is resilient enough to bond dissimilar materials and flexible enough to absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration.

Liquid G/Flex 650 is a two-part (resin and hardener) mixed at a 1:1 ratio. Choose from 4 different sizes of resin/hardener: 8 oz. kit, 32 oz. kit, 2 gallon kit, 4.75 gallon resin only, and 4.75 gallon hardener only.

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G/Flex 650 Features

  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio makes G Flex easy to use
  • Long open working time of 45 minutes at room temperature.
  • G/flex reaches a working cure in 7-10 hours and a full cure in 24 hours.

Kit Contents

  • WSY-650-8: 8 oz. of mixed epoxy (one 4 oz. resin and one 4 oz. hardener) in a plastic bag.
  • WSY-650-32: 32 oz. of mixed epoxy (one 16 oz. bottle of resin and one 16 oz. bottle of hardener)
  • WSY-650-2G: 2 gallons of mixed epoxy (one gallon of resin and one gallon of hardener)
  • WSY-650-CR: 4.75 gallons of RESIN ONLY
  • WSY-650-CR: 4.75 gallons of HARDENER ONLY


Epoxy Safety

  • Avoid skin contact with resin, hardener or mixed epoxy. Wear liquid-proof gloves and adequate protective clothing to keep the epoxy off your skin.
  • Avoid eye contact with resin, hardener or mixed epoxy. Wear protective glasses. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.
  • Avoid inhalation of vapors. Provide adequate ventilation. Wear a dust mask when sanding epoxy, especially epoxy that has not fully cured.
  • Read and follow safety information on resin and hardener containers.
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Flexible Epoxy
4.8 56

worked like a charm !


used product to bond a steel piston to a carbon fiber tube. the piston assembly is for a HW97K spring airgun. We went through this whole rifle for a complete blueprint tune. The bond is holding up now at over 1200 shots and works perfect. I do not think anything else but G/Flex would hold up to this kind of force for thousands of cycles. Best epoxy we have ever used!. I give it 10 stars!!!!!

team pellet blaster

New York


Great product


I make knives and I used it for the handles. I also used it to bond other metal to wood projects. The longer cure time is more than made up with ease of use and quality of bond. Will continue to use it.

Alonzo Twitch



Great glue


I have an inflatable kayak that had three holes. One was on a seam. I used the epoxy glue to put on a patch and on the the seam I just used the glue and no patch. I took the kayak out a couple of days later and had not leaks.


Wilmington, NC


Gougeon Bros. West Systems Products


Meade and Jan Gougeon were friends of mine, and excellent boat designers. Their West Systems products are the finest in the world. They worked directly with some of the finest chemist's in the world at Dow Chemical to formulate West Systems Epoxies.We use the West System G/Flex 650 for the structural aspect of our racing r/c boats. The physical properties of this product are far superior to competitor's products... it's all about the modulus of elasticity- it's more stress absorbent.Of note, for small projects such as ours, we mix by weight rather than use the mini pumps to meter the components out.

Timbo W.

Bay City, MI


Always use G-Flex for rudder repairs


We have been using G-Flex epoxy to bind the rudder posts to the fiberglass skins when building or rebuilding rudders. It has eliminated the problem of leakage around a metal post to a fiberglass skin. Also, in fast turnaround damage repairs, it ensures bonding between a damp rudder skin and the underlying foam core. This ability has saved many a charter crew from cancelling charters. Superlative product.

MRP Refits

Annapolis, Md and Tortola, BVI




This product is great, I applied it in cold weather in the 40's and it cured just fine.


Cincinnati, Ohio


G Flex is great


I make custom fishing nets and use G Flex when laminating the hoop strips and assembling the net. Provides good working time and I have never had a glue failure.




good stuff


used it to build up pads for my chainplates where they protrude thru the deck. Flexable to take stresses from rigging, so far so good


arapahoe, nc


I would buy this product over and over and over again


this product is stronger than nails, I use G-flex to bond many different types of material, the extra dry time is a plus for me because i can take my time in the set up...if i need it to dry faster, i use a heat lamp to speed that process up...just a great epoxy


Cleveland, OH


Good stuff


Not cheap, but easier to use than WestSys 105




WEST System G/flex 650 Liquid Epoxy



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