AwlSpar Varnish phenolic amber brightworks
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  • AwlSpar Varnish phenolic amber brightworks

AwlSpar Varnish

Awlspar was formulated to recreate the highest quality classic spar varnish with state of the art ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers. It has excellent durability, and is fast dry, fast recoat for quick build up (2-3 coats per day when temperatures are above 75* F). Applied best by brush and is a superior base for AWL-BRITE PLUS. For use above the waterline only. Use T0016 Awlspar reducer to reduce and for tool cleaning.
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Application Equipment Brush and roller application.

Surface Preparation Wood should be clean, dry, smooth, and well seasoned. New Wood Use marine teak cleaner or wood bleach to remove excess oils, promote color uniformity, and adhesion. Thoroughly remove all cleaner and neutralizer residue before proceeding. Rough sawn lumber must recieve heavy sanding to level the grain. Work through the grits to effectively level the grain 60/80 to 100/150 to 220 etc. When the grain is level, smooth sand the surface with 320 grit paper.

Old finishes in good condition should be washed with Awl-Prep surface cleaner, then sanded with 220-320 grit paper to remove the gloss. Old finishes in poor condition should be removed. Test on small area to ensure Awlspar does not atack the finish. If the old finish is attacked, it must be completely removed before continuing.

Mixing and Reduction

New Wood: Reduction - reduce 100% with T0016 for first coat only. This allows Alwspar to penetrate and seal the grain. Otherwise, thinning or reducing is not required. Stir only, do not shake.

Application Instructions

After new wood has been sealed, or on previously coated surfaces, apply light smooth, even coats 2-3 mils wet of full bodied material. At temperatures above 75 F, 2 to 3 coats can be applied per day. If sanding is required, allow to cure 24 hrs before sanding. Best results are achieved when surface is sanded smooth with 320-400 grit paper after every 2 - 3 coats. A good system would include 7 - 10 coats. Exact number of coats will vary by applied film thickness and the amount of sanding. Awlspar will cure at temperatures as low as 45 F, however best results are achieved when temperatures are between 60 F and 90 F.

If possible, avoid applying or curing material in direct sunlight. Do not apply to surfaces warmer than 105 F or colder than 45 F. Do not attempt to cure in temperatures below 45 F.


  • Type: Phenolic Varnish, Color: Amber
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 microns) per coat.
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 1-11/2 mils (25-37.5 microns) per coat.
  • Anticipated Cure Time at 77°F/50% R.H: 24 hours to handle
  • Recommended Coats: 7-10
  • Recoatability: With itself: 3-4 hours, 36 hours maximum without sanding or scuffing. With AWL-BRITE PLUS: 3 days minimum.
  • Theoretical Coverage: Sq. Feet/Gallon. 700 Sq. Feet at 1 mil dry (25 microns). 70-100 Sq. Feet at recommended total dry film thickness of 7-10 mils.
  • Coverage calculations are based on theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%.
  • Actual coverage rate obtained will vary according to equipment choice, application techniques, part size, and application environment.


BRAND: Awlgrip
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Varnishes
4.7 10

Yes I would buy more


Easy to apply with good results. Wear a respirator and apply in a well ventilated area.


Wilm, DE




This is an excellant varnish. It has a rich amber color and a hade glossy finish. I used on the handrails of by boat as a foundation for the AwlBrite finish.


Rockport, TX


A great product with excellent results


It makes nice wood beautiful and poor quality wood look better.

Sandra Kay mvDestinees

Traveling the West coast of Forida


The only varnish I use


This product is best applied with a badger hair brush after 220 grit sanding, tack cloth wipe and acetone wipe. Coats build up quickly, are durable with excellent gloss. Best to apply first coat to bare teak with a 50/50 mix of thinner and varnish to allow product to soak into wood finish.




Very good Product


We're using this on the interior of a 1924 Q Class sloop. Product brushes well and leaves a nice smooth finish.




Nothing Better!!!


For A traditional finish, with high build characteristics, nothing, in my opinion beats Awl Spar. To get your build coats on quickly, evenly, and with a great efficiency this is the product! I've been using it for years and will continue to use it in the future

Dave the boat guy

Essex, CT


Awl Spar M3131


M3131 is what I use. I have become an expert at application. Steps to success;Sand surface using 220 grit or higher depending on condition of existing varnish. 1- tape varnish area well. OK to use regular blue tape.2- Pour 2-3" of varnish into a hard plastic cup. Thin cups desintigrate. 3- Mix a cap full of acetone to cut thickness.4- use foam brush to apply.5- Make long unpressured strokes to avoid globbing6- allow to dry well before applying next coat.7- Apply 6-8 coats and do not apply durin g extremely humid periods8- OK to leave tape on for a long period. When ready to remove tape, spray tape with garden hose and it will be easy to remove.


Madisonville, LA


Loved it


It was a pleasure to use, went on well and recoatable. High gloss... nice




Nice stuff but it is thin


Very nice but beware that it is considerably thinner than their High Solids version. You actually need a softer brush than the Epifanes brushes which are made to "work" a heavier varnish. It is more of a "gliding" varnish that yields a smooth thin coat. We also sprayed this and it was great. Conversely, the High Solids was a bit heavy to spray and left slight orange peel.

Dry Pond Boat Works

Sharon, MA


AWL GRIP Varnish


I have used several varnishes over the years. I was a Z Spar Captains fan forever. Petit bought them and the product suffered.I found this product and it is a pure delight to use. Great leveling qualities and easy to use.The gloss os awesome.I don't think you will be sorry Give it a try.

Morning Wood

Allen, Md.


AwlSpar Varnish



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