Mercury outboard engine zincs and Mercruiser stern drive zinc anodes
Martyr Martyr
  • Mercury outboard engine zincs and Mercruiser stern drive zinc anodes

Martyr Mercury/Mercruiser Zinc Anodes

Martyr sacrificial zinc anodes fit Mercury outboards and Mercruiser stern drives. Zincs in various shapes to suit your Mercury/Mercruiser application, including trim tab, long skeg, plate, waffle bar, gimbel, cutdown skeg, gimbal bolt head, flat trim tab, Alpha bearing carrier, Bravo bearing carrier, Alpha lift, Bravo lift, outboard transom bar, Alpha transom plate, Bravo transom plate, skeg trim, wedge, transom handle, and trim tab styles.

Martyr zincs are engineered to detract corrosion away from the more noble metals of the engine by placing zincs in the same conductive line.

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Martyr recommends inspecting zincs regularly and replacing zinc anodes when they are no more than 70 percent consumed. Anode loss accelerates when the anode is diminished beyond 50 percent.
Item #  Description  Case 
MTR-CM31640Z  Trim Tab  20 
MTR-CM34127Z  Long Skeg  15 
MTR-CM34762Z  Anode Plate  100 
MTR-CM43396Z  Waffle Bar  20 
MTR-CM43994Z  Gimbal  20 
MTR-CM46399Z  Cutdown Skeg  25 
MTR-CM55989Z  Gimbal Bolt Head  200 
MTR-CM76214Z  Trim Tab Flat  40 
MTR-CM762145Z  rim Tab Flat Gen II  40 
MTR-CM806105Z  Alpha Bearing Carrier  40 
MTR-CM806188Z  Bravo Bearing Carrier  40 
MTR-CM806189Z  Alpha Lift Ram  200 
MTR-CM806190Z  Bravo Lift Ram  50 
MTR-CM818298Z  O/B Transom Bar  30 
MTR-CM821629CZ  Alpha Transom Plate  20 
MTR-CM821630C2Z  Bravo Transom Plate  20 
MTR-CM822157C2Z  Skeg Trim  20 
MTR-CM762144Z  Bravo 3 Trim Tab Flat  40 
MTR-CM821631Z  Gimbal Alpha Gen  20 
MTR-CM826134Z  Anode Wedge  100 
MTR-CM984325Z  Trim Tab  20 
MTR-CM865182CA  Bravo III 2004 to Present Prop Nut  20 
BRAND: Martyr
Metal: Zinc
Type: Anode
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