Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book 2020
  • Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book 2020

2020 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book

A fundamental resource for navigation, Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book supplies critical tidal data for navigation. This captain's companion holds data regarding tidal current flow, velocity, direction and tide charts that are the key to informed piloting. Use this resource in conjunction with up to date charts to predict draft in harbor entrances or to ride the tidal flow to your destination port.

Eldridge was first written in 1854 by cartographer George Eldridge of Chatham, and has been continuously in print since 1875. The Tide and Pilot Book was compiled with son, Capt. George W. Eldridge, and covers the entire east coast, with particularly superior coverage of the northeast. This piloting companion also includes a light list, weather information, and much more. Highly recommended for any east coast navigator.

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Approximately 6" x 9", 272 pages

Eldridge includes the following Sections:


  • Tide Tables - Portland, Boston, Newport, Bridgeport, Kings Point, The Battery, Sandy Hook, Baltimore, Miami Harbor Entrance
  • Current Tables - Cape Cod Canal, Woods Hole, Pollock Rip, The Race, Hell Gate, The Narrows, Delaware Bay Entrance, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
  • Current Charts and Diagrams - Boston, Buzzards Bay, Vineyard & Nantucket Sounds, Narragansett Bay, Long Island & Block Island Sounds, New York Bay, Upper Chesapeake Bay
  • Emergency First Aid - What you need to know for most emergencies
  • Marine Emergency & Distress Calling - How to call for help
  • Lights, Fog Signals & Offshore Buoys - Characteristics of buoys and lighthouses, with latitude/longitude, from Nova Scotia
  • Electronic Navigation - GPS, Racons, VHF, EPIRBS
  • Clean Boating - Tips for environmentally responsible boating, Clean Vessel Act, USCG Pollution Regulations, how to find pumpout stations
  • Weather - Radio weather reports, hurricane precautions and tracking chart, barometric pressure guide, Fitzroy Barometer Instructions, Beaufort Scale
  • Astronomical Data - Sun and Moon Tables, Moon Phases
  • Miscellaneous - How currents affect fishing, IALA Buoyage System, Cruising Charts, Navigation Lights and Sound Signals, ferry information, adjusting your compass, USCG Stations, and more


BRAND: Eldridge
Type: Marine Navigation
4.9 9

I will Use this reference until I find a better one


It is a great reference for tides and current which happens to cover the areas where I operate my boat. It does get a bit of effort to learn how to use it as it uses reference areas for the actual tide tables and you have to use the indicated offset times for the actual high and low tides.

Captain B

Harrington, DE


Classic reference book


This is THE book to have if you're paddling in the NYC area. I planned a circumnavigation of Manhattan using the charts and tables in this book and they were unbelievably accurate. Don't know about other areas, but I would assume they are equally accurate.


New Paltz, NY


Eldridge is the best


No one should leave port with it. Very readable, wide range of navigation topic; must have for any serious navigation.

Harrison Presto Maritime Associates

Pascoag, RI


Great for boating Newbe


I was suprised how much info is packed in this small volume. Much more than tides and currents!

Raven Art

Riverside RI




Eldridge has long been my primary reference on tides, lights, and currents. I can't imagine cruising eastern New England without this outstanding source of data.


Kittery, ME


From New York to Eastport, a must have


Essential for planning a cruise or a race, especially in Buzzards and Narragansett Bays. A great quick reference when actual conditions / events vary from the plan. I have wished for some time that the conciseness of the BB / NB information could be extended north and east to Marblehead, Casco and Penobscot Bays.


Bath, ME


A Must on every Boat


every boat in these waters should always have this book, tide, currents, etc. i think it the bible for navigating threw the northeast waters,


Wickford, RI


Exactly what it's supposed to be


This has been around for a long time, is a staple for all boaters, and there is a reason for it - it's good.

Bay sailor

New York, NY


Great reference book


on boat for tides and currents

capt ed

howell, nj


2020 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book



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