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Camp Zinc Anode Pencils - No Cap

Camp Zinc anode pencils have a threaded end and no brass caps. Camp zinc pencils are excellent cathodic protection for heat exchangers and pipes, effectively limiting corrosion and extending part life. These pencils are formed from Mil-Spec Zinc alloy for optimum corrosion control. Brass caps are not included.
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All pencil zincs have a threaded end. These pencil zincs do not include brass cap.

Item Number  Zinc Diameter  Zinc Length  Zinc Thread Size 
CAM-E00Z  1/4 inch  2 inch  1/4-20 
CAM-E0Z  3/8 inch  1-3/4 inch  5/16-18 
CAM-E1Z  1/2 inch  2 inch  3/8-16 
CAM-E1EZ  1/2inch  1-1/2 inch  3/8-16 
CAM-E2Z  5/8 inch  2 inch  7/16-14 
CAM-E3Z  3/4 inch  2 inch  1/2-13 
CAM-E4Z  3/4 inch  3-3/8 inch  1/2-13 
Metal: Zinc
Type: Anode

Camp Zinc Anode Pencils - No Cap



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