Pettit Trinidad SR Antifouling Bottom Paint
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  • Pettit Trinidad SR Antifouling Bottom Paint
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Pettit Trinidad SR Antifouling Bottom Paint

Pettit Trinidad SR has been voted the #1 antifouling by trade magazines. This hard modified epoxy bottom paint contains up to 65% cuprous oxide (copper content) for the non-Irgarol formula, and up to 60% cuprous oxide for the formula containing 2% Irgarol—plus slime-fighting biocides.

Trinidad SR is the standard by which other bottom paints are measured. It is the longest lasting, most potent antifouling paint available. With its high copper load and slime resistance, Trinidad SR provides unprecedented resistance to all types of fouling. Its hard, protective coating has excellent adhesion and withstands the toughest abuse. Left in the water, it will provide years of dependable service.

Available in Blue, Green, Red, and Black

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  • Slime resistant
  • Very high copper content
  • Excellent performance in even the most torrid, tropical fouling conditions
  • Hard finish, easily burnished
  • Excellent for fiberglass, wood and steel boats
  • Cuprous Oxide Content - Non-Irgarol Formula: Up to 65%
  • Cuprous Oxide Content - 2% Irgarol Formula: Up to 60%
  • Finish: Flat
  • Curing Mechanism: Solvent Release
  • Solids (theoretical): Weight- 89 -+ 2%, Volume- 66 -+ 2%
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft/gal.
  • VOC: 300 g/l max.(as supplied)
  • Application Method: Brush, Roller, Airless or Conventional Spray
  • Number of Coats: 2
  • Dry Film Thickness per Coat: 2 mils
  • Wet Film Thickness per Coat: 3 mils
  • Application Temp: 40°F Min., 90°F Max.


Note: The chemical compound behind the highly effective anti-slime additive Irgarol was unavailable for several years. Paint manufacturers substituted additional zinc in its absence to ensure similar antifouling performance. Bottom paints containing Irgarol are once again available, and are recommended for extra protection in medium to severe fouling conditions. SR-21 Blue and Bronze paints contain Irgarol.

Trinidad SR is a hard, protective paint that yields the most durable finish for long-lasting performance that still allows for easy burnishing. It can be applied over most hard antifouling coatings. Be sure to remove old, soft antifouling paint before applying to any surface. Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls, but do not use on aluminum.


Trinidad SR is heavily loaded with cuprous oxide. As a result of this there is a tendency for settling to occur, especially if the paint has been on the shelf for several months. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using. If possible shake the can of paint on a mechanical paint shaker. Before using check the sides and bottom of the can to make sure all the pigment has been mixed in. If mixing is going to be done with a wooden paddle or an electric drill mixer, pour off half of the liquid from the top of the can into another can and then properly mix in any settled pigment; then remix the two parts together thoroughly.

Adhere to all application instructions, precautions, conditions and limitations to obtain optimum performance. Refer to individual labels and tech sheets for detailed instructions when using associated products, etc. Do not thin Trinidad SR more than 5% (6 ounces per gallon) or inadequate paint film thickness will occur and premature erosion of the finish will be likely.

Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance.


No antifouling paint can be effective under all conditions of exposure. Man made pollution and natural occurrences can adversely affect antifouling paint performance. Extreme hot and cold water temperatures, silt, dirt, oil, brackish water and even electrolysis can ruin an antifouling paint. Therefore, we strongly suggest that the bottom of the boat be checked regularly to make sure it is clean and that no growth is occurring. Lightly scrub the bottom with a soft brush to remove anything from the antifouling paint surface. Scrubbing is particularly important with boats that are idle for extended periods of time. The coating is most effective when the boat is used periodically.

IMPORTANT: The dry times below are minimums. Trinidad SR Antifouling may be recoated after the minimum time shown, and launched up to 60 days after painting.

Dry Time Hours  To Recoat (Hours)  To Launch (Hours) 
70°F  16 
50°F  12  24 
BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper AF Paint
4.5 13

I would use product again because I like the results.


Great Product for bottom painting. The new can of paint did arrive damaged, however. I call customer service , sent pics of a pretty beat up can along with evidence of some leakage out of top of can. Text message received back from Jamestown was that it left their facility with no damage and blame was on shipping.


Ocean Isle Beach NC


Only bottom I have used for the last decade.


We are in the southern Chesapeake and can get three years out fo a bottom job with a diver every 3 months doing a wipe down. Very few barnacles and growth.We always sand back some with 80 grit screens and a Porter Cable DA. Two coats.Our Alberg 35 uses about 1.75 gallons so we just buy 2.


Mobjack VA


I would buy the product again but not from jamestowm


I ordered two cans to store for about five years as copper based bottom paint will not be available in California any more. One can came dented and the best Jamestown would do is give me an empty can to put the paint in for storage. It would be a job to mix the paint and put it inside can for extended storage. I was not pleased with the customer service and I will buy from other distributors in the future.


LOS angeles


Great product, great service by JD.


This bottom job will last 3 plus years with Trinidad. Great paint.


So. Cal


Product fabulous: shipping damage - twice!


Product expensive, and MUST be applied according to tech notes. However, shipping was a disaster. Product devastatingly delayed and order not delivered due to 'damage.' Second order arrived, also extensively damaged , barely useable.


Point Roberts, Washington.


I continue to use Trinidad, Because It Works Great!


Have used Trinidad Pro twice and got excellent results (Usually get 3 to 4 seasons per painting. Moored in Potomac River, near Chesapeake Bay). Our 28 Bertram stays in the water year round and in June 2016 I applied two coats of Trinidad SR using a short nap roller (read and follow the tech sheet!), and I am extremely pleased with the results. After two hard barnacle strikes, we pulled boat in July 2017 and only had some slime on the bottom and around the water line, while the shafts and props were coated with barnacles. This stuff is really great, and worth the extra money because it gives multi season protection.

Once Again

Chesapeake Bay, VA


Great bottom paint


I have the bottom cleaned and painted by professionals.I have used this bottom paint since my boat was new in 2005. It has always performed very well. Each time I have the boat pulled to have the bottom cleaned and repainted I am always pleasantly surprised by how little growth there is and how good the paint still looks. It is an excellent paint for inland waterway use and easily lasts three to four years.


Louisville, KY


Easy to apply, fast, and effective


Very happy so far. The paint was highly recommended for our fresh water lake where slime is the bigger concern. We applied 3 coats, sanded using 320 grit, then we burnished using a DA buffer and bronze wool pads. The result is a super slick race winning bottom and so far (8 months) no slime without any cleaning.


Cumming, GA


The best bottom paint ever


Great coverage. Lasts long time.

Captain Tim

OC Maryland


Great Product


top of the line hard bottom paint w/ superior anti-fouling ability

mike g

boston, ma


Pettit Trinidad SR Antifouling Bottom Paint



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