Bennett Tim Tab Auto Tab Control
Bennett Bennett Trim Tabs
  • Bennett Tim Tab Auto Tab Control

Bennett Trim Tab Auto Tab Control

Integrate the Auto Tab Control unit into Bennett Trim Tab systems for automatic trim adjustments of any boat. A sensor mounts inboard to manage the optimum attitude of trim for boat performance. With the Auto Tab Control kit installed, Bennett Trim Tabs will automatically adjust to compensate for shifts in passengers, wind, waves and speed. Zero the sensor to the desired trim and the auto control manages the rest, monitoring and correcting trim with precision adjustments.
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BRAND: Bennett
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bennet Auto trim tab control history?


Bennet Auto tab controls work ok until the warrenty expires then its "that system is outdated and cant be fixxed" if you want to spend another 400.00$ on upgrading Bennet has the next "best system" Im just glad the rest of my trim system is still working or I'd have to tell everyone dont move till we get there.


cape cod ma.


Bennett Trim Tab Auto Tab Control



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