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Danforth Constellation Flush Mount Compass

Danforth Constellation flush mount compasses provide unsurpassed precise navigational course readings and durability suitable for all power and sail boats. Constellation compasses are built for commercial grade use, and are also used on recreational and military vessels. An internal gimbal ring allows full tilt and heel, a virtually indestructible jewel, and a hardened alloy pivot.

Constellation Compasses come with a 4-1/2 inch (114mm) unique concave distant reading card that is easier to read from longer distances and at lower angles of sight. Danforth compasses have a patented no-spin global balance which gives you a more constant, correct heading.

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Card Color


Mounting Hole (inches)


Flange (inches)

RUL C401D  Black  Black  4 1/2  6 1/4 
RUL C401DWB  White   Blue  4 1/2  6 1/4 
BRAND: Danforth
Type: Compass
1.0 1

Alot of $$ for a cheap piece of plastic


I recieved this compass new from Rule Industries. It is made poorly from cheap plastic. The diaphram cover screws were all loose. The dimmension specs on the website are way off. Even the luber lines were out of alignment. Returns are a pain in the butt. Rule doesn't service their own products. It is not watertight. I cannot find anything good about it. I did find I can get two comparable Ritchie Compasses for less than the price of this one. Ritchie has worldwide service centers and quality products. Save your money get a Ritchie.




Danforth Constellation Flush Mount Compass



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