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Rule Pump Strainer Bases

Replacement strainer bases for all Rule bilge pumps.
$9.20 / ea
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Model #


Fits Pump


Base Color

RUL-275  Round Rule Pumps, 360 - 1100 GPH  Blue 
RUL-276  Gas Resistant Base for Round Rule Pumps 360 - 1100 GPH  Black 
RUL-277  Square Rule Bilge Pumps  Blue  
RUL-278  Rule 02 and 10  Red 
RUL-279  Round Rule Pumps, 2800 - 3700 GPH  Red 
RU- 286  Rule Mate Bilge Pumps, 1500 - 2000 GPH  Blue 

It is suggested that when replacing a strainer base, screw holes should be filled with marine sealant to prevent water intrusion which may cause blistering and delamination

BRAND: Rule Industries
Type: Bilge Pumps and Accessories
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