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Jen Poly-Rollers are disposable urethane foam applicators, for all smooth surfaces. Ideal for application of enamel, latex, stain, oil paints and varnish. Not for shellac or lacquer. Leaves no brush marks or loose bristles. Rollers fit all standard holders. Produces less spatter and a smoother finish. Full boxes only.
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Type: Paint Rollers
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If using totalboat product with thinner, DO NOT use these


Foam separated from core. Used 8 rollers just to do a 7x12' area. Couldn't keep a line, wasted paint, and messy.




Roller foam falls off with short exposure to TotalBoat prime


I purchased a box of 24 (the number on the bar code label of each roller is 82826 00033 - see photo) to use with TotalBoat primer, bilge paint, and topside paint. The first spread the primer very well, but soon (5 to 8 square feet or so) began to loose its foam, starting where the foam is joined. The next two disintegrated faster - after rolling a few sf. I was not overly heavy handed. I rolled out thinly, as instructed.I imagine that they will do fine with latex house paint, so I can use them OK. Quality seems OK, but not for use with the solvent in TotalBoat primer. That leaves the question of how to apply the primer. So it's down to the hardware store and try out whatever they have.Thoughts, Jamestown? Thanks

David Reynolds

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi


Great bang for the buck!


I have used Poly-Rollers by JEN for over 15 years.In addition to the applications listed in the product description I also find they are extremely useful for sticky, messy jobs like bottom paint and epoxy.The rollers do react and break down when used with these products but the price is so much lower then the rollers recommended for bottom pain and epoxy that I find it a better value even though I go through 2 or 3 in the course of a job. I've had very good luck with these rollers and can highly recommend them. Just replace with a fresh one as soon as any signs of deterioration is noticed.

Joe V.

Massachusetts north/east


State of the Art rollers for Oil


I have had a sign shop for over 30 years and there is no better way other than spraying oil paint to MDO board or any other smooth surface. The trick is rolling it on really thin once and then go over lightly to smooth out bubbles and orange peel. Add second and third coats to end up with glass like finish!

The Sign Man

Zephyrhills, Fl


Great product


I'm laminating floor joists with 3/4" OSB and using Gorilla glue. I purchased the 3" wide roller covers as a disposable item, and I'm very happy.


Ortonville, MI





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