Heavy Duty Green Poly Tarp
Seachoice Seachoice
  • Heavy Duty Green Poly Tarp

Seachoice Heavy Duty Green Poly Tarp

Seachoice Heavy Duty Green Poly tarps with 12 x 12 weave. Seachoice tarps are waterproof, mildew proof, rot proof, and UV resistant, with aluminum grommets.
$9.70 / ea
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BRAND: Seachoice
Type: Tarps and Accessories
3.2 5

This is an improvement over typical tarps price low.


I use this tarp to cover a small dinghy.


Henderson, KY


Pretty good, many sizes makes choosing the right one easy.


Price and selection are excellent. Unfortunately, the listed dimensions show cut size, not finished size. The finished sizes are about 6-8"|less than listed. Accurate size descriptions would make this a better product. The corners are well reinforced, but the grommets along the sides can pull out quite easily.

College coach

Rhode Island


Poorly Constructed and Unreliable


About the only features of this 'heavy duty' tarp that worked were the grommets and reinforced corners. I bought a 20' X 30' tarp to cover a 24' boat. I thought that when I paid a premium price at Jamestown Distributors I would buy a premium, reliable tarp that would last--NOT SO.After only 11 months, the backing is flaking, and coating any surface it touches--a major cleaning problem. The tarp is also ripping at several points, and has faded severely.Granted, the tarp has been exposed to sun, rain, snow, and ice but both last winter and this summer have been mild in our area. Also, the tarp was securely tied down with rope and bungie cords using all the grommets so that wind did not whip the material.The tarp failed because of poor quality and probably even poorer design (made in Vietnam).Do NOT waste your money on this product


Cecil County, Maryland


Dissapointing Construction


I was very dissapointed with the quality of this tarp. Although it was advertised as "heavy duty", it most certainly was not. The grommets were cheaply made and poorly fastened. The rope hem was exactly the same strength as the other thinner tarps which were standard duty. The hem ropes tore out the first time the wind blew and the grommets failed. I expected that heavy duty would refer not just to the thickness of the tarp but also to the quality of the tie-down fastenings. This tarp offers no more protection than any other standard duty tarp and was overpriced.


Brooklyn, NY


winter ready, center w poly tye dwn


center over mast, tie down


Newark, Ohio


Seachoice Heavy Duty Green Poly Tarp



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