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Camp Hull Plate Zincs

Camp zinc hull plates mount to the hull on a pre-existing bracket or to trim tabs. Zincs should be replaced after 2/3 of zinc has eroded or once a year, which ever comes first. It is recommended that you apply a small amount of grease to fastener threads for easy removal and replacement the following season.
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Never paint Zincs or Anodes, if painted they will not be affective.

Zinc Model


Length (inches)


Width (inches)


Thickness (inches)

CAM-ZHC3  6-1/4  2-2/3  3/4 
CAM-ZHC5  3/4 
CAM-ZHC11  12  1-1/2 
CAM-ZH15  15  1/2 
CAM-ZHC17  12 
CAM-B24  14  6-1/4  1-1/4 
Metal: Zinc
Type: Anode
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