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Camp Suzuki Outboard Zinc Anodes

Camp Suzuki Outboard zinc anodes are available for 20 hp to 200 hp outboards. Anodes should be replaced every season or after 2/3 of zinc has eroded, which ever happens first. A small amount of grease should be applied to fastener threads for easy replacement the following season.
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Zinc Model


Horespower Motor

CAM-5532095310  55-140 
CAM-5512587D00  150-200 
CAM-5512594400  115-140 
CAM-5512594502  115-140 
CAM-4181087D00  90 
CAM-5532194900  115-140 


  • After installing a new anode, always check for propeller clearance before starting motor
  • Never Paint Zincs or Anodes


Metal: Zinc
Type: Anode
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