M-Series Battery Switch Selector
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  • M-Series Battery Switch Selector

Blue Sea Systems M-Series Battery Switch Selector

Blue Sea M-Series battery switch selectors allow users to switch between battery banks without power interruption. They are ideal for marine and RV applications because they are ignition protected, and made from non-corrosive marine grade metals.

These switches can be surface, front panel, or rear panel mounted which provides a wide array of mounting locations.

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  • Product Details:

  • Isolating cover with snap-on sections protects rear contacts
  • Molded in durable reinforced polycarbonate
  • Labeled with international ON/OFF legends
  • Tactile textures indicate knob position by feel only
  • Removable key or knob remains positively retained
  • ICON label set included for circuit identification
  • 700 Amperes DC cranking rating


BRAND: Blue Sea Systems
Type: Battery Switches
3.0 4

Carry a spare as noted


My new Nautique boat broke down on the lake. Upon opening up my dash, I found this switch had split in half so I had no battery connection. I managed to tape the contacts in long enough to get back to shore and immediately emailed Blue Sea systems. No response by the next day so I called them. 4 days later and still no response. The material they use is a very brittle bakelite plastic. They use machine screws to hold it together and the internal posts are not molded into the housing properly so they just snapped off probably because we hit a few big waves that shook the cabling. This is a boat so this product should have held up. I am still trying to contact the manufacturer but if not, I will install through bolts with a nut to hold the product together.


Bellingham, Washington


Unless this switch has been improved, carry a spare


Switch comes apart as screws holding pull out of base. Not long enough, fail about every 9 months. Might have had a production change to correct this as no replacement switches have failed. Boat is a 2013 model.


Fort Myers


Great little battery switch


Great looking switch in black after a flush mount installation. Simple product that works flawlessly.


North Carolina


Battery Selector switch


A very good product,works well,has good dettents to keep it in position.Easy to install.Saves you a lot of trouble especially if you have asmall leak that drains your battery.


Los Angeles area


Blue Sea Systems M-Series Battery Switch Selector



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