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Ancor Step-Down Nylon Butt Connectors

Ancor Step-Down Butt Connectors are used to join a pair of conductors to a third, all of the same size or two conductors of different sizes. They are constructed from premium nylon insulation, will not split or crack like cheaper automotive grade products, and resist water, oil, chemicals, ultra-violet (UV) rays, acids, and any other element present in marine environments.

The inside is constructed of high-grade tin plated electrolytic copper which provides greater corrosion resistance and conductivity. This ensures less power loss and smoother operation of any electrical system. A secondary crimp location adds strain relief from vibration and flexing. Each connector is color coded to easily identify size and gauge rating.

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Item Part #  Wire Range  Quantity 
ANC 230165  12-10 to 16-14 
ANC 210165  12-10 to 16-14  25 
ANC 230164  16-14 to 22-18 
BRAND: Ancor
Terminal Style: Butt
Type: Terminals and Connectors
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