TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner
Marine-Tex Marine-Text te-ka teak cleaner
  • TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner

Marine-Tex TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner

TE-KA teak cleaner cleans and brightens heavily soiled teak and other fine-wood decks and trim without scrubbing or bronze wool. It removes gray oxidation, oil, fish blood stains, and residue by a two-step chemical process that is fast, easy and scrub-free. No sanding is required to restore a beautiful golden teak color.

Available in 3 kit sizes. Kits contain equal amounts of Formula A and Formula B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can TE-KA be used on woods other than teak?
Because it is an aggressive cleaner, it is recommended only for teak. The manufacturer recommends diluting both formula parts by half with water before trying it on other woods. Be sure to test in a small, inconspicuous are first.

TE-KA spilled on fiberglass or vinyl. What should I do?
Immediately clean the surface with clean, wet rag. When using TEKA, always keep water on hand. In cases where TE-KA has sat on the surface for extended periods of time, the manufacturer recommends mixing up part B with some toothpaste and scrubbing.

After finishing, there are visible black marks on the wood. What happened?
If there are black streaks or marks, it means TE-KA sat on the wood for long, dried to the surface. Let the wood dry, wet and wash again with part A and water. Scrub more than usual, and finish with part B.


When using a powerful teak cleaner, it is important to protect your eyes and skin. Wear protective glasses and rubber gloves. Prevent cleaner from getting on other surfaces or adjacent areas by masking it off. This is especially important for surfaces like mahogany, metal, fiberglass and painted areas.

Do not allow TE-KA part A to remain on caulked seams for more than 3-4 minutes before neutralizing with part B. If A spills on fiberglass, painted or other surfaces, neutralize immediately with formula B, then rinse off with plenty of water.

1. Wet teak deck and surrounding area with water. Apply formula A over wet deck directly from bottle over a 3-4 sq ft area. Spread evenly with a rough pad or low-bristled brush. Do not scrub. When area darkens in a few minutes, brush lightly. Mist water over any area that has dried before applying formula B.

2. Pour formula B and spread evenly over dark brown area and gently brush loosened dirt out of the grain. Area will lighten to golden yellow. Thoroughly hose area with plenty of water, including run-off area.

When cleaning teak trim, squirt on a small amount of TE-KA formula A, and spread with a small brush to prevent run-off stains.

Note: TE-KA is a cleaner only. Once the treated wood has dried, you will need to oil or otherwise protect the wood.


  • TRA-RM340K Quart kit contains 1 pint Formula A, 1 pint Formula B
  • TRA-RM341K 1/2 Gallon kit contains 1 quart Formula A, 1 quart Formula B
  • TRA-RM342K 2 Gallon kit contains 1 gallon Formula A, 1 gallon Formula B


BRAND: Marine-Tex
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Teak Cleaner
4.5 10

Product was good, delivery was an issue.


Needed product at original delivery date estimated. Ran short due to product leaking.


Orlando, Fl


The best teak 2 step cleaner on the market !


Used with cetol marine gloss and Jamestown boat works natural teak UV undercoat

Yoga girl

Boston ma. Now living in dallas


Better Living Through Chemistry


It's a big boat restoration, 44 feet with lots of teak on the decks. And it's got 30 years of dirt and weathering, but appears to be in pretty good shape beneath all that. Got TeKa, one gallon of A, one gallon of B, long handled soft brush, small soft brush, tooth brush and a roll of paper towels. 1. First thing, washed the deck to remove loose dirt. 2. Follow directions; use brushes to spread sprays from spray bottles (gallon bottles are impractical for applying components. Do not scrub, just spread. Even coverage is important. Scrubbing is destructive. 3. Flood with water to remove residue after part B. If your teak is incredibly dirty and weathered (like mine), a second application will be helpful. I got very good results. Followed with Semco. Decks look great, clean with just a rinse.




Incredible Teak Cleaner!


my teak table and chairs have been outside and uncleaned for about 7 years. the 2-step removal process was straight forward and very easy to use with minimal scrubbing.my table and chairs looked brand new!

mary the outdoor patio lover

oak hill, va


awesome product


worked great teak was grey and dirty and came out looking brand new especially after oiling

87 liberator



Great product!


Bought a teak table in Japan 4 yrs ago and after applying oil, varnish (a mistake), and 2 yrs of sitting outside the table top was really dirty and looked horrible. My husband used a pressure washer on one section but I read that is not advisable on teak. I used 2 kits of Te-Ka to clean it and results were terrific! the dirt just came right off & wood turned a nice golden color . I plan to buy more to clean some of our teak chairs! I should have taken before/after photos, the change was amazing!


Southern Maryland


Great Product!


Very easy to use product. I spent days sanding our boat platform, with this I was done in 10 minutes and it looks great

JB Sports Gear

Farmington CT


Very pleased with this product


I used Te Ka on the toe rail of my 30 yr old 34 ft sailboat. I really was dreading this because I am new to wood refinishing and the teak had weathered badly with deep grooves, but Te Ka was so easy to use and the results were great. After I applied the cleaner and let the teak dry, I covered it with a few coats of tung oil. It looks so good!

Laska's owner

St Petersburg, FL




I have tried all the other strippers and cleaners for teak and this is the best. works fast and is easy.


Milwaukee, wi.


misleading product description


Product description says quart - I expected each bottle to be a quart. I discovered that the bottles together add up to a quart. Would have been better if the product description made this clear. Also, when the product was shipped, Jamestown included their VERY heavy catalog. This has to cost me in the long run - I won't order from here again because of this.


Cleveland, Tennessee


Marine-Tex TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner



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