Stearns 16 Gram Manual Belt Pack
Stearns Stearns
  • Stearns 16 Gram Manual Belt Pack
  • Stearns Inflata-Belt Lite
  • Stearns Inflata-Belt Lite CO2 Kit

Stearns Inflata-Belt Lite

Wear a Stearns Sospenders Inflata-Belt Lite personal flotation device to increase your safety on the water without resorting to bulky life jackets. Compact waist belt design allows for comfort without obstruction. Quick, reliable manual CO2 inflation allows you to choose when you want it to inflate.

The 16 gram cylinder provides 15.5 lbs of buoyancy, oral inflation will provide 22.5 lbs of buoyancy. Adjustable neck strap provides for second-stage donning to improve flotation stability. Comes in one universal size with adjustable strap on back. USGC Type V approved with performance of Type III flotation device when inflated.

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BRAND: Stearns
Type: Inflatable Life Belt
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