Shakespeare Seawatch 2025 Marine TV Antenna
Shakespeare Shakespeare marine antennas
  • Shakespeare Seawatch 2025 Marine TV Antenna
  • Seawatch 2025 Antenna

Shakespeare Seawatch 2025 Marine TV Antenna

The Shakespeare Seawatch 2025 marine TV antenna features adjustable gain controls for optimal picture quality. Adjustable gain allows users to choose a particular amplification setting to either +20dB for weaker stations or to -10dB for stronger ones.

Shakespeare designed the antenna's gain control panel to be user friendly with twist-style knobs for easy operation.

Antenna head can be mounted onto any 1" diameter pipe, extension mast, or standard straight mount. For added convenience, this marine TV antenna also provides an auxiliary input for cable or satellite television. When the device is turned off, the auxiliary input is automatically connected to the TV. This feature eliminates the external A/B switches required by other systems.

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Panel may be installed in many configurations including flush mount, surface mount, or attached to the supplied housing box.



  • AC wall adapter
  • 30' of ultra low loss coaxial cable
  • Gold-plated, screw-on F-type connectors


Band  Off-air TV, FM (50 to 890mHz) 
Diameter  14 inches 
BRAND: Shakespeare
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